The United Nations, who in their own words wanted to redistribute wealth under the guise of controlling climate through its agent the WMO, called a meeting of the four global temperature monitoring agencies, NOAA, NASA, British Met Office and the University of East Anglia, to look more credible, by agreeing to drop Global Temperature by more than two degrees Fahrenheit in 1998.

Tom Karl Hottest Year Ever

This came after Tom Karl, chief climatologist at NOAA and director of the National Climate Data Centre in 1998, posted a combined land and ocean temperature for 1997 at a ridiculously high 62.45 degrees Fahrenheit (16.91 degrees Celsius) which he said had averaged three-quarters of a degree Fahrenheit above normal that was set in 1990 by fifteen-hundredths of a degree which was equally absurd.

62.45 degrees Fahrenheit (16.91 degrees Celsius) was almost four degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 2020 Global Average Surface Temperature of 58.78 degrees Fahrenheit (14.88 degrees Celsius)

According to Karl the mean temperature for the period between 1961 to 1990, the baseline, was 61.70 degrees Fahrenheit (16.38 degrees Celsius).

This was a direct contradiction to the 59 degree Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) base line temperature between 1951-1980 that most climatologists were using at that time. Tom Karl apologised and  promptly withdrew it but Al Gore appeared to have continued using the Karl graph as leverage to obtain funding to combat his global warming theory, in the wake of the Kyoto Conference, well into 1998.

Click on the underlined text below to read Al Gore’s comments in the United press International (UPI).

Record warm intensified in early 1998

WASHINGTON, June 8, June 08, 1998 — After the past several years of record warm temperatures worldwide, the first several months of 1998 brought some of the warmest U.S. temperatures ever on record, the federal government announced. The data was collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and announced by Vice President Al Gore, who said some of this year’s warming could be attributed to the cyclical El Nino patterns. But, Gore said, the overall trend found by NOAA ‘is a reminder once again that global warming is real, and that unless we act, we can expect more extreme weather in the years ahead.’ He cited such events as record levels of precipitation, record deaths from tornadoes, damage to coral reefs from the Florida Keys to Australia, and wildfires in Malaysia, Brazil and Mexico. Gore announced the NOAA findings as a means of increasing pressure on Congress to approve President Clinton’s budget request for $6.3 billion over five years for tax and research incentives to promote more energy- efficient products and technologies. Gore insisted U.S. industry had the expertise and ability to make affordable changes to combat global warming, saying, ‘We can do that. We know how to do that.’ Worldwide average temperatures in the 1980s and the 1990s have been the highest on record, and the Earth’s average surface temperature last year of some 62 degrees Fahrenheit represented the highest level ever recorded. Federal researchers said new temperature records were set in five states in the first five months of 1998, with the average global surface temperature running 1.76 degrees above the average of 61.7 degrees for the benchmark period 1961-1990.

The UPI  link shows AL Gore was continuing to use Tom Karl’s 1997 data that had been withdrawn in February 1998

Click on the underlined text below.

Gore cites new record warming figures

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, Sept. 10, 1998 — In what is becoming a monthly routine, Vice President Al Gore staged a White House ceremony to release data showing worldwide temperatures for the previous month were the warmest on record. Citing government figures showing the average global temperature index for August was 61.4 degrees Fahrenheit (16.3 degrees Celsius), or 1.3 degrees Farenheit above the mean temperature dating back to 1880, Gore said, ‘How much more evidence do we need that global warming is real and here to stay?’ The figures, produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, showed the previous record for August was 61.1 F (16.2 C), set in 1997.

According to United Press International (UPI) WASHINGTON — Earth’s average surface temperature was higher in 1990 than any other year on record, possibly a sign of dreaded global warming, scientists reported Wednesday January 9, 1991. An analysis of data collected at 2,000 meteorological stations around the globe found 1990 was warmest year in records dating back to 1880 — with temperatures averaging 59.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tom Karl Climate Chief

The New York Times, Jan 29, 1991, Global Warming: Search for the Signs. In 1990,  at a shade under 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it was the highest since global measurements began in the late 19th century.And they know that the average surface temperature of the Earth has indeed been rising for the last decade. In 1990, at a shade under 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it was the highest since global measurements began in the late 19th century.

David Parker and Phil Jones, Scientists from the British Meteorological Office and the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, said that last year’s temperature results in 1997 continued a pattern of record high temperatures throughout the 1980’s that was reported last year. Dr. Phil Jones, a climatologist at East Anglia, said global temperatures rose on average about one degree Fahrenheit since the beginning of the century. He said the six warmest years on record were, in order, 1988, 1987, 1983, 1981, 1980 and 1986. An international body of scientists convened by the United Nations predicts that if humans continue to pour heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide into the air at the present rate, they will cause the average surface temperature of the earth to rise 3 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the next century from the present level of nearly 60 degrees. That is a rate of change 10 times greater than the natural changes of the last 10,000 years, and it would push global temperatures higher than they have been in 150,000 years. NYT Global Warmth In 88 Is Found To Set a Record. Feb 4, 1989.

In 1998 they all agreed to reduce global temperatures by two degrees from 60 degrees down to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and then announce it as a record!                   

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“Earth Temperature in 1998 Is Reported at Record High”

By William K. Stevens

  • December 18, 1998  See the article in its original context from December 18, 1998, Section A, Page 32



  1. Lorraine says:

    If they don’t know the starting point, the pre-industrial period temperature, then how are we to know when the global temperature of 1.5 C above it will occur.

  2. David Willison says:

    They no longer talk about the 1.5 C but have switched to zero emissions by 2050 which will enable the perpetrators of the fraud to escape justice because they would be to old to prosecute or would have passed away by then.

  3. Ray Garby says:

    In East Anglia in England, speaking of a field in which records are normally set in fractions, Dr. Jones provided much of the information on which yesterday’s announcement was based. It seems that Jones could be the “patsy” when it all unravels.

  4. Reed Walters says:

    If we require a four degree F adjustment to the inflated values of Karl in 1997 how can we possibly calculate, with any certainty, how much the earth has warmed since the pre-industrial period when there was virtually no measuring devices in the southern hemisphere until satellites were employed in the late 70’s.

    1. Barry Woodful says:

      The supposed measuring of global average temperatures from 1890 has been based on thermometer readouts barely covering 5 per cent of the globe until the satellite era began 40-50 years ago. We do not know how global climate has changed in the past century, all we know is some limited regional climate changes, such as in Europe, North America and parts of Asia.
      For the entire record the best data quality was limited to some land areas in North America, Europe and Australia. The vast southern oceans were mainly data void.

  5. Russel says:

    They were warning the Frankston primary school students about global warming as early as 1988. My daughter, a nine year old at the time, was terribly worried about the future of the world after her teacher had told her about global warming. I told her that our scientists had solved the problem and there was nothing to worry about.

  6. Anonyme says:

    The “archived global temperature records” never existed, Karl’s record is proof of that. They were simply made up before 1998 and agreed upon after that. How desperate are they when left wing primary school teachers have to indoctrinate their students.

    1. Angela says:

      Karl and Gore worked together to jack up the global temperature to influence the US government, luckily congress would not wear it, nor would any of the other other climate monitoring agencies such as NASA that did not support NOAA’s dodgy 1997 report.

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