We are continually warned that the earth temperature is on the brink of exceeding the dreaded 1.50 C above the pre-industrial temperature of 13.73 C. However, NASA had recently published data showing all the planets of our Solar System in comprehensive detail including the earth with a mean temperature of 15 C (59 F). Planet Specifications. This had created a problem for NASA, CRU East Anglia, British Meteorology Office, NOAA and WMO whose previous reports had shown global temperatures as high has 15 C (59 F) as far back as 1915. Which meant that in order to “prove” global warming they agreed to drop their baseline temperatures from 15 C down to 14 C, (59 F to 57 F) in 1998 when it was proposed by Phil Jones, head of CRU East Anglia and co-author of the Hockey Stick, to provide a leeway that would only slightly exceed the 15 C in future years as they have in their latest climate reports leading up to 2023.                                    Earth Temperature in 1998 Is Reported at Record High.

The NASA 2022 graph below, shown in the above link, was an exact copy of the NOAA graph further below in response to the Phil Jones initiative to drop temperatures in 1998. The only difference was the baselines of NASA at 14 C degrees Celsius and NOAA at 13.90 C which accounted for a very small difference in temperatures: NASA at 14.89 C and NOAA at 14.80 C. You can check this out by going to the 2022 climate report on the NOAA website.

Below are the graphs published CRU East Anglia, headed by Phil Jones who initiated the drop in global temperatures and the British Meteorology Office.

95 Is Hottest Year on Record As the Global Trend Resumes

1995 was the last of the higher temperatures of the 1990’s before they were reduced in 1996.

Global Climate 1996

The 1996 global temperature was dropped from 59.70 F in 1995 to 58 F in 1996 which is equal to the one degree Celsius reduction of global temperature that Phil Jones had initiated in 1998. Hence the false claim of a one degree Celsius of Global warming.

Special thanks to Trent and Jennifer Archer who have contributed to the content of this article.


  1. Harmony says:

    The UN and all its publicly funded agencies have orchestrated this warming scare campaign with object of instilling fear in our young and to obtain further funding from our governments. We need more people like Trent and Jennifer to expose these bastards.

  2. Reed Walters says:

    Both the NASA and NOAA graphs are the same. But why have they used a broken Y-axis that begins at 13.90 C instead of starting at zero?. The chart does not hide this fact, and you can see that the chart’s Y-axis starts at 13.90 C, but the most visually prominent piece in the graph is the blatant intent to mislead! And it screams the message that global temperatures are going off the charts – it’s time to panic! The same charts if drawn correctly would not scare children or have people laying on roads etc

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