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How to Object to Bad Development Proposals

We need to allow each of the groups battling these issues in their street, their neighborhood to share their efforts with us. Beyond that we need to be able to join forces. therefore this page will have examples of  the battles and groups working hard.

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Doncaster, Curlew Court: June 2011, 30 Apartments on two house blocks, in a closed court.

     Issues:  Traffic, Parking, Overbearing, out of neighborhood character. Dangerous to pedestrian traffic near schools.

Status:  Council VOTED Against the plans, and With the Residents – Survived VCAT in December 2011- awaiting an Answer…

How you can Help: Stay tuned – offer support


Eastern Golf club:

Awaiting Details.

Doncaster, 2 Angus Grove

Issues: In our area, at the corner of Bayley Grove and Angus Grove is a proposal for a six unit development on a block currently occupied by a single house. Apart from being gross overdevelopment of the block and a terrible eyesore, the proposal will greatly exacerbate traffic problems.  Council has refused a Planning Permit but the proposal is due to go to VCAT on 20 July 2011.  I have prepared an objection for VCAT and attach a copy for your information. 2 Angus Grove Planning Permit VCAT submission

Status: Passed Council, Now at VCAT

Contact : John Gittins


—– Original Message —– From: “Suzanne ”
Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2011 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: Advice re inappropriate developments in the local area

Hi Julie
I am part of the Save Williamstown strategy group and have also helped other residents in the area fight some other developments.

I think the Port Phillip Woollen Mill development is very different to your fight but I can tell you about the Railway Place development that
the locals have fought and it looks like we have had a big win.

You can find more info on the Hobsons Bay council “greenlight” site re the proposed development (eg. original plans) to see what they were
trying to do.

I received an envelope Friday by registered post from the developer.
After opposition from council, residents etc. and appearances before  VCAT recently, we thought we were on a hiding to nothing.  The
developer wanted to put 40+ (from memory) apartments on an 800sq m block with no open space, which would be 4 storeys, with half the amount of parking spaces required.  It was an ugly box like building which would overshadow the historic neighbourhood.

The envelope revealed that the developer has now decided to reduce the size fo the development to 3 storeys and halve the number of apartments. They will include open space, better treatments and finishes, include garden walls and retain trees.  this is a huge win for a small community group.

If you want more info, I can send you some info.
the developer is Fulcrum group.



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