Doncaster, 602 Doncaster Rd Cnr Tram Rd – Officeworks.

2012-10-15  New Proposal 602 Doncaster Road (on the current site of Autobarn and Office Works.)

This will be on the City side of the Pinnicle tower, right next to it and similar height.

This development may be put before councillors in November or December or early next year.

Send an Objection email to Council  – It will open an email ready for you to edit.


Lower Levels Plan Views   Appendix A TTM  These drawings show the street access.

Attached is the traffic plan accompanying this huge, 36 meter high, mixed use proposal, including 290 apartments, at 602 Doncaster road, corner of Tram Road (currently the home of Office works and Autobarn)

The Development appears to have only one ingress and egress facility, a “left in and left out” from Tram Road, which might suit vehicles arriving from the east from Doncaster Road or exiting to the south on Tram Road, otherwise all other traffic movements would need to find areas to U turn or alternatively hack their way through residential areas

 The combined the parking requirement for the development is 983 spaces. The proponent is providing only 568 parking spaces and therefore seeks a reduction of 315 car spaces against the requirements of the Doncaster Hill Parking Precinct Plan.

Traffic Report 602 Doncaster Road

The proposed allocation of parking spaces will result in 110 one-bedroom apartments not having access to an on-site parking space.

Apart from the Schramms Reserve sporting oval and the small area adjacent to the Doncaster Bowling Club, there is no significant supply of public off-street parking areas anywhere on Doncaster Hill.

The “guidelines” to be taken into account that might justify a dispensation of parking do not exist.

  • The availability of car parking in the locality.
  • The availability of public transport in the locality.
  • Any car parking deficiency or surplus associated with the existing use of the land.
  • Any credit, which should be allowed for a car parking demand deemed to have been provided in association with a use which existed before the change of parking requirement.
  • Local traffic management.

Manningham Council were warned by their own consultants as early as 2002 they would need to create six parking stations to service the huge Doncaster Hill Strategy predicting 5 million visitors per year. The Manningham planning arm listed just four disadvantages to this plan, of which three were minor; the fourth was the workload on council officers in developing parking stations that could be co-funded by an operators!

Six Parking Stations –5100 Spaces

We would urge all concerned  recipients of this message to lodge an objection by emailing…

Doncaster Hill Residents Group


  1. John Smith says:

    Is this proposal still current? Are there any new development plans for the Autobarn/Officeworks site?

    1. John Carlson says:

      As far as we know. Commencement will be a delayed subject to the expiry of a lease agreement with Office Works.

  2. Christine T says:

    This should NOT be approved by council we have enough Appartment buildings near shopping town this will just close the whole intersection!!!!!!!

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