Doncaster East,Talford Street, 51-53 . (cnr Elvie St)

Started 2012, Jan 20th

2012 April – Approved at Council

2012 May – Meet to plan VCAT submission.

51-53 Talford Street, corner of Elvie St, East Doncaster,  has a planning application for a 3 storey with basement 23 apartment complex.

Traffic and chaos will reign over an area that has serious parking problems, let alone the couple in their 60’s living next door. We must not let this happen!!
Implications for traffic let alone negative impacts on value of property and liveability of the area are major concerns.

Another Curlew Court fight to begin.


Brett Osborn

This development is in the same street that Michelle  lives in – and she was the resident who outstandingly collected the vast number of signatures for our petition that was submitted to state government. Some of you may have met Michelle at our Curlew Court xmas get together.
Objection form to use pln191 MANNINGHAM CITY COUNCIL Objection Doncaster EastTalford Street 51-53 please add your personal views and details
applicant is: De Felice Brothers.
Address of development: 51-53 Talford Street, East Doncaster
Type of development: 3 storey apartment building comprising 23 dwellings (1573 square metres)
Application number: PL/022408
Objection cut off date: 3/2/12
Suggested grounds for objection could be … loss of amenity, overbearing design and size, contribution to excessive on-street car parking, loss of neighbourhood character.


  1. K& M Hodges says:

    A 3 Storey 23 apartment building is inappropriate for Elvie & Talford St.

    Cars parking all day in Elvie & East end of Talford St, Turning into Elvie St you cannot see traffic approaching either way. Gingerly you have to inch your way into the intersection. Pedestrians crossing to the laneway, do so at their own peril. There are a lot of elderly people in this St.

    Parking is provided in the basememt carpark for 23 cars, nowadays most people have two cars, where do these and visitors park.

    We live next door to this site and find it hard to get out of our own driveway at the moment.

    The loss of easterly light will impact on our back garden, especially our vegetable garden.

    Loss of privacy
    Noise factor

  2. Judy says:

    Yes,definitely parking and heavy traffic are the main problems. Also the 3 storey building would not suit the local enviroment area. 10 Years ago before I moved to Talford Street ( have lived under Manningham Council for 35 years) I approached the council and was told that NO 2 storey building would be built on this road! Serious???

  3. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    It is essential that groups such as Telford Road align with other Doncaster Residents groups to ensure that the proper Councillors are elected next October. Many of us were suckered into voting for the wrong candidates in 2008.
    With the right publicity we are determined to change the direction of Manningham’s Planning Department.Without seats on Council we are losing the battle.
    At the next election we expect that an endorsement from Doncaster residents ensures that those elected are dedicated opponents of High Density development.
    It would be great if we can win seats in Mullum Mullum and Heide wards as well, of course, as Koonung.

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