Doncaster East, Beverley St 51-53

51-53 Beverley Street, East Doncaster 3109  :  Construction of 22 dwellings within a three-storey apartment building, with a basement car park.

Google Map :  Doncaster East, Beverley St 51-53

Current Status:  Open for community input / objections, then going Before Council for decision –  likely April 30th, 2013.  Objections still be accepted up to that meeting – sooner the better.

Community contact :  to be advised.

Among the issues are;

  • Over-development of the land (only1527m2)
  • reduced local amenity,
  • visual bulk,
  • overlooking,
  • neighbourhood character, this proposal does not accord with the established character of the area, (see Built Form and Neighbourhood character in Municipal Strategic Statement ) all recent developments such as, villa unit clusters, Two storey dwellings and Town houses have followed a pitched tiled roof concept in design.

Advertised Plans 25th Feb 2013 PL12-022987 51-53 Beverley Street DONCASTER EAST)    (13Mb pdf)

Planning Application PL12/022987

Status Assessment in Progress Date Lodged 20/07/2012
Applicant Name and Address Information available from Council upon application
Address of Site 51-53 Beverley Street, DONCASTER EAST VIC 3109
Proposed Use or Development Construction of 22 dwellings within a three-storey apartment building, with a basement car park
Estimated Cost $5,500,000.00 Council Ward Koonung
Further Information Requested Yes Further Information Request Date 30/07/2012
Further Information Returned 18/02/2013 Advertising Required Yes
Advertising Period Commenced 26/02/2013 Advertising Period Completed 28/03/2013
Number of Objections
Council Decision Issue Date
Appeal Number Appeal Date
VCAT Decision VCAT Decision Date

Objections to this development.
This one is from Councilor Stephen O’Brien – a qualified Town Planner – he sees a lot of issues with the proposal. beverely street objection SO

Manningham zoning DD08 Precinct A. Current Development Guidelines (see page 2 of municipal strategic statement) Current Schedule 8 Manningham Planning Scheme      municipal strategic statement clause 21.05 residential

Sub-precinct A is an area where two storey buildings and three storey buildings, including ‘apartment style’ developments are encouraged. Three storey, contemporary developments are encouraged on consolidated sites with a minimum area of 1,800m2.

The above statement indicates that 3 storey apartment buildings will be “encouraged” on lots of at least 1,800m2 but does not specify what is applicable on smaller sites. The logical inference is that two storey apartment buildings would be encouraged on sites less than 1,800m2.

Otherwise, If three storey apartment developments were encouraged on smaller lots it would have said so and there would not have been the need to have distinguished between site areas. No wonder at the high degree of uncertainty prevailing!

It is assumed that the above statement will apply to this proposal.



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