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By now you may have heard that VCAT have approved the apartment development in Queens Ave

I’m very disappointed with the whole experience and at councils lack of support for its residents. As you can see from John’s email below the developer fronted a strong team to present their case, whilst council was represented by a junior solicitor with no one from council in attendance, very poor.

It was obvious from the start that they were just going through the motions and never really intended to put in a strong defence of their rejection of the development

I encourage you all to send an email to the councilors and the planning department to make them aware of your anger, you can use the email from John below if you are not sure what to say

Although this one is over the council is currently reviewing the C96 planning amendment so it’s important that they understand the impact of their pro-developer guidelines on us the residents. They have an opportunity with this amendments to listen to us, although I don’t hold my breath. Remember this now sets a precedent for our street so it may just be a matter of time before we face this again.

Here are the email addresses


Thank you all for your support over the last year, take care




2012-06-26 Councilors refuse planning permit after 107 objections, and vote against planning dept approval.

Magnificent job team.

2012-02-26  Three Storey Apartment building, 26 apartments, 30 car spaces. ( very small block approx 1400 m2)

Doncaster Queens Avenue 33-35  Ratio consultants Pty Ltd.

Reference PL11/022287    No decision before 9th of March 2012 – Objections open to at least the council meeting after that.


Contact: Denise Carrig

Issues :

  • Side street location , with existing traffic issues.
  • Privacy / overlooking & shadowing of neighbors homes.

Plans ( 9 Meg) Advertised Plans PL11-022287 33 Queens Avenue DONCASTER



  1. Queens Ave for Sale says:

    Seems the current owners have had enough and are now trying to offload it. Must have failed a fesibility study.

  2. Mark Vier says:

    It’s a pity for the residents that the council didn’t support you and I can see that your don’t want your lovely street full of apartments. But apartments give people the chance to live in a street like yours that they normally could not afford to live in. The good aspect of this is that they are building a top quality complex. If you know anyone who wants to live in your street … ### Sales advert removed by Admin Moderator – Happy to share opinion, not solicit sales###…

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