Building Shadows

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Buildings, particularly high ones are reviewed for the impact of their cast shadows. This is drawn as September 23rd as it is the mid point between Summer High, and Winter low points of the Sun, the “Equinox”. There are three shadow impact drawings required for that day: 9am, midday, and 3pm.

Proposed developments have to provide plans showing the impact the new building will have. – Ask the council for a copy if you are concerned.

Use this guide to help you check or estimate if no plans are offered. Shadow Draw Guide Melbourne


  • The builder has to show that their building does not significantly adversely affect the neighbors amenities.
  • Doesn’t interfere with solar installations – VCAT have amended plans where an owner’s solar panels have insufficient solar access. Solar panel installers are able to ascertain the degree of efficiency when providing a quote. (this is the “green” energy policy being adopted by councils)
  • That the neighbor has alternate secluded open space not affected – for example if the building shadows the side of your house, do you still have sun in the back yard – it only needs to be 25 square meters.
  • They will usually try to only highlight the differences, not the full impact.


shadow drawing - curlew 5-7 This is part of the FAQ section – other FAQs can be found here.

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