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Green Wedge & “Accomodation”

Rosa Miot & I went to Parliament house last Thursday to hear about “Planning Reforms” from the Planning Minister Brian Tee, and RMIT Professor Michael Buxton. There were several topics covered in some detail, and a lot of enthralling reading handed out – I hope to have the soft copies on this site soon. As […]

Water Need, Costs, Alternatives.

Just how important will the water contribution of the proposed Doncaster sewage treatment plant be?       Less than 0.1% of the Desal Plant… And at what cost? It has been superceded by the Desal, & you are already paying for that. Three details worthy of note below: EPA residential Buffer zones around this site are 200m […]


Breaking News.. Some good info from Mary Drost, as discussed earlier, this is likely to intermingle / coincide with the DD08 C96 High density plans Manningham are part way through –  we do need to make our views heard… HERE IT IS  –  THE NEW PLANS FOR MELBOURNE The Department of Planning & Community Development […]

New State Residential Zones

So where does it leave Manningham ? We are in the Midst of our High Density Growth Zone Planning Review… and Now the State Gov brings in it’s new mix of the whole zoning thing… Well the State may change the name, but there is still a focus of growth in the areas around activity […]

VicSmart draft planning Bill before Parliament – CODE ASSESS

It has begun, described as only affecting minor building works, but the explanations keep changing, and the proposed legislation does not look tight… I have included a couple of industry watchdog comments below, as well as the bill tabled at Parliament.  (Short & Vague.) Here is a copy of the Planning and Environment Amendment (VicSmart […]

Refund my Excess Water service Fees !

Plenty of talk about this one, but here is the easy way to ask for your money back…. Click to make email below. From the Age – the full article is below. What David Galbally QC has recommended you do is send this letter below to YOUR water provider, with Your Account Number and name added, […]

Vic Metropolitan Planning Strategy Online Forums – close June 25th

Did you know the State Gov is looking for your input ? They haven’t got a lot of feed back yet so your input might be noticed ! Plan Melbourne online forums. The forums  cover a range of themes such as housing, transport, people and the economy. The online forums will run throughout the development […]

VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves

Further to our prior articles on Code assess… VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves Save Our Suburbs    MEDIA RELEASE   12 June 2012 Most of the rationale for the new VicSmart planning process doesn’t stack up, according to Save Our Suburbs president, Ian Wood. He strongly criticised the lack of community input into […]

Your Gov. Property Planning report – FREE – and access to the Regulations & Zoning rules.

This is a state government site useful for two things: 1. Property Planning report: Location, Zones, aircraft routes, Bushfire rules, etc. 2. It then leads ( eventually,) into the zoning regulation documents, as part of your basic report. These zoning regulation documents are the rule book for Council and VCAT discussions & arguments. Follow – […]

Can we PLEASE get a straight answer ?

I guess it is no surprise that it is hard to get a politician to directly answer the question you asked. Of course there is an issue that is important to you, and you want he answer given clearly, and out in the open for all to hear. But if you are the politician, councilor, […]