High Density DD08 Zoning

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Three & four storey apartments – In YOUR STREET, in YOUR COURT. ( Not just main roads.)

Significant areas of  Manningham council have been nominated as TARGETS for High density developments.

Our DD08 Info Night was a resounding Success –  over 140 attendees ! Download the presentation here. DD08 Info Night 2011-07-21 with explainations

If we let them develop your neighborhood to  the DD08 zone rules. EXPECT 500% to 1,200% more neighbors! – See below

15 homes per house block – why not Townhouses and 2 or 3 per Block?



2013-05-28  Changes to the DD08 planning rules passed through Council – “Amendment C96”  It’s now awaitign State Gov.  see the new Rules here.

There are now intended to be three zones in DD08 High Density areas close to main roads and Activity areas ( Shops)

  1. DD08 Main Road Precinct
  2. DD08 Precinct A: 10 to 11 meters high if greater than 1800m2 ( three blocks,3 to 4 storeys)) or 9 to 10 meters if smaller site  (2 to 3 storeys)
  3. DD08 Precint B: 9 to 10 meters high (2 to 3 storeys)


Even in 2010 there were plans to build 30 appartments, three stories high, 9 meters, on a pair of normal house blocks,

All in a quiet court – not a main road!  ( 5 & 7 Curlew court Doncaster.) DD08 – develops 500% to 1200% in closed courts and dead end streets!

Curlew Area 2011 - before development

Curlew Area 2011 – before development

Curlew Area 2025 - After development

Curlew Area 2025 – After development

Curlew Area 2013 Traffic Kaos

Curlew Area 2013 Traffic Kaos


Curlew_area_Developed by_500%_Not_Sustainable_Parking_&_Traffic

Tell Mannignham Council what you think,

  • Object to these developments, ( choose the “Object” page from the menu)
  • Send a letter of Concern about the traffic & parking implications around the Doncaster Schools.
  • Send a letter of Concern about the traffic & parking in your street.
  • Send a letter of Concern about the traffic & parking at the “Park & Ride.”



DD08 Rules ,  Pre C96 Amendment 2005 to 2013

Just in case you need to back track in time…


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  1. Re Talford Street Doncaster East 3109

    Development of Talford Street to the current plan (DD08) would be totally inappropriate.
    Talford Street is NOT a through Road. Running into Rupert Street at one end and Elvie at the other, the resultant traffic congestion from building 4 storey apartment blocks would be horrendous. Let alone the impact on property values,privacy and overshadowing.
    When we built in 2002 we were told only one storey buildings could be built although this has been relaxed to two storey town houses now and that is OK. Please bring the plight of Talford Street to the attention of Council.
    Thank you

  2. bruce k osborn says:

    Re Talford Street Doncaster East

    Talford street is NOT a through road having Rupert Street at the east end and Rupert Street at the the west. The DD08 plan for this street will have horrendous implications for traffic flow in an area already with problems. Of course 4 storey developments have serious implications for property values, privacy and life style as well.
    Could Talford Street be added to the area for review of zoning laws.
    Thank you

    1. Judy Yeoh says:

      I fully agree with Bruce Osborne. If the council wants Doncaster Road to be a high density area, so be it, but why do the adjacent areas north and south of Doncaster Road be affected. Talford Street is a nice and quiet area with a fair amount of retirees. Is the council driving us to aged care?

  3. Angry says:

    Time to change your vote . This council does nothing for the people, let’s talk about serpells primary , no parking , no gutters and no standing area, but the council has inspectors taking photos of number plates and sending fines in the mail. DDo8 just another money making scheme for the council.

  4. Angry says:

    Part 2 – tuckers road no gutters , king street no gutters , warrandtye road unsafe , and the list goes on. Where are they spending our money, rates 100 percent increase . Please explain mayor , you and Andrews lining your pockets. Is it true that the mayor and our local mp eat out with developers who a lining there pockets . If you don’t fight you lose.

  5. john says:

    It is very concerning after what I heard today about what happened in Mt. Waverley on the excavation of land on the corner of Highbury and Huntingdale with the collapse of part of the siding due to recent rains. I have made my concerns known to Manningham council recently about the number of very deep excavations carried out close to each other and adjacent residential properties but received no concern at all from council officers. I know of one such proposed project which got the thumbs down from council in Templestowe a couple of years ago and am finding that as long as its in Doncaster it just “doesn’t matter. Greed needs to step aside for common sense in my opinion.

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