2012-07 High density Zone Amendment C96 – Public letters

The following Letters have been distributed by Manningham council. which letter, if any that you get will depend where your home is located, and particularly if it is in the DD08 zones. The DD08 zone is the high density zones outside of Doncaster Hill, and it is upon these homes that the C96 amendment looks to change the rules.

Council has it’s full info published here.

Every DD08 household were to receive three items in the Mail around July 3rd 2012.

  1. Have your Say amendment C96 – there were several differences for DD08 Precinct A, B, and main roads Precincts.  Manningham C96 Have your say General (2.7Meg) Manningham C96 Have your say DD08 Precinct A(2.7Meg)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions C96   Manningham C96 FAQ (2.5Meg)
  3. Notice Of Preparation of Amendment C96 Manningham C96 Notice of Preparation of Amendment pg1of1


We are compiling a list of requested changes and Improvements to the Reglations here.  Have your say – they need to hear it from lots of us…



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