2012-07 High Density Zones DD08 C96 Amendment Improvements list

The C96 (2012-07-01) Amendment seeks to make changes to the existing DD08 High Density Zones around Activity Centers and around Doncaster Hill.

This page is dedicated to collecting residents ideas as to how the zones should be ammended to protect our neighborhoods.

Please add your Ideas to this list. They don’t have to be in Town Planning Speak, but do be specific about what you expect.

You can find our submission template here.

  1. Remove Ambiguous wording.
  2. Remove Discretionary terms that leave room for exceptions and extensions. Set the limits and then they can be enforced.
  3.  To strengthen the DDO8 “minimise excavation” guideline to specifically rule out the floor level of a habitable part of any residential dwelling being lower than NGL (ie, only basements to be sunk into the ground).  This is only clarifying the original intent of DDO8, not introducing new controls (refer to DDO8 Panel discussions & concluding statement).
  4. Throughout DD08, no more than two storeys in side streets, courts, and Cul de Sac’s on any size lot.
  5. Define limits as both height in Meters, and Storeys. Also define mezzanine floors and any other variation as a floor.



TECHNICAL ZONE – The section below deals with the planning specifics and regulations in the Regulation documents. These documents will be the ones altered by changes once approved.

Re exercise of discretion for decisions involving DDO8, note:

43.02-5 Decision guidelines
Before deciding on an application, in addition to the decision guidelines in Clause 65, the
responsible authority must consider, as appropriate:

  •  The State Planning Policy Framework and the Local Planning Policy Framework, including the Municipal Strategic Statement and local planning policies.
  •  The design objectives of the relevant schedule to this overlay.      [see comment below]
  •  The provisions of any relevant policies and urban design guidelines.
  •  Whether the bulk, location and appearance of any proposed buildings and works will be in keeping with the character and appearance of adjacent buildings, the streetscape or the area.
  •  Whether the design, form, layout, proportion and scale of any proposed buildings and works is compatible with the period, style, form, proportion, and scale of any identifiedheritage places surrounding the site.
  •  Whether any proposed landscaping or removal of vegetation will be in keeping with the character and appearance of adjacent buildings, the streetscape or the area.
  •  The layout and appearance of areas set aside for car parking, access and egress, loading and unloading and the location of any proposed off street car parking
  •  Whether subdivision will result in development which is not in keeping with the character and appearance of adjacent buildings, the streetscape or the area.
  •  Any other matters specified in a schedule to this overlay.

The design objectives under DDO8 include:

  •   To encourage three storey, including ‘apartment style’, developments on larger lots.  [strengthen with the implied addition: only 2 storey apartment buildings on lots less than 1800m2]
  •    To ensure new development is well articulated and upper storey elements are not unduly bulky or visually intrusive.
  •    To ensure the design of basement car parks complement the design of the building and sited to allow for effective screen planting

This last point could theoretically be strengthened by reference to published professional data on tree planting dimensions, but since these documents are not incorporated reference documents in the planning scheme they carry little legal weight.  Crazy, ain’t it?





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