2013 May Results from the IPP , and Council Planning Dept.

2013 Feb Independant Planning Panel review 

2012 July   If you want to make a submission to Manningham Councils High Density planning rules (DD08 &  C96)

Use this form as the starting pointC96-Submission-2012-07-22c-2page  ( pdf)   C96-Submission-2012-07-22c-2page   ( word document)

Put in your name and details, and your concerns. Make them firm statements.

For example DO NOT say it like  “I don’t like over developments”…  Do Say it like  “Maximum Limit of TWO storeys in side streets.”
That way council knows what you definition of “too big” is.

More information and suggestions can be found here

More on the Councils published letters can be found here


  1. Brett k Osborn says:

    Dear Councillors please reconsider your commitment to 3 and 4 storey apartment blocks.
    They are a betrayal of the amenity and value of many surrounding Manningham property owners, as you well know. Loss of privacy, access to natural light, serious reduction of traffic flow, increases in disputes, crimes, rubbish are some of the future problems.
    Above all these massive blocks destroy the value of all surrounding properties.
    PLease restrict these blocks to 2 storeys an acceptable and easily managed height.

  2. win dudley says:

    no more development councilors are destroing our streets do not vote for them

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