2012-05 Manningham Residential Review Stage 3.

We are awaiting the State Gov approval for the Council to put the Draft Res Strategy on Public display for further review.

This page is where we will share the documents in progress. THEY ARE NOT FINAL OR APPROVED, JUST WORKING DOCUMENTS and Correspondence for those working with us to review.


2012-05-07 Amendment C96 – DD08  was submitted to the state Gov for approval before public display and further discussion.

We have been given a copy for “internal review” but have been asked not to publicly share as it is not controlled.


2012-05-22  Full report and answer from Manningham council officers in response to our recommendations. see items below.

Dear Les,

Please find attached a table responding to the suggested changes to DDO8 and Clause 21.05. Each of the suggested changes made by RAIDID have been numbered (refer to attached documents) and the officer comments correspond to each of these numbered changes. I have also put hard copies in the mail for your reference.

To date, Council has not received authorisation to exhibit Amendment to review DDO8 and Clause 21.05. I will be in touch with you regarding this and the other matters referred to in my previous email, in due course.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to seek any further clarification regarding the attached documentation.

Kind regards,

Lydia Winstanley

Senior Strategic Planner, Manningham City Council.

RAIDID suggested changes_DDO8

RAIDID suggested changes_21_05MSS

Response to RAIDID_changes to DDO8_Clause 2105


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