2011-11 Petition

CLOSED – 1400 signatures handed to Local MP Mary Wooldridge Nov 24th,  2011 for submission to state Government at the last sitting before end of year.

2012-01 RAIDID DD08 Petition response pg1 Mary Wooldridge

2012-01 RAIDID DD08 Petition response pg2 Matthew Guy

A copy was also tabled at Manningham Council meeting 28/11/2011 by Cr Jennifer Yang. thankyou to Mary & Jennifer.

Note: Council wouldn’t accept it as a petition as it was “addressed to State Gov” not Manningham Council. But it still was able to be “tabled” for information and reference, and questions from the public at question time. So if you are ever preparing a petition, Address it to State Gov. and local council – get the best mileage.

Thank you ALL that contributed, Kudos to Michelle for the biggest individual collection – well done.


This Petition is designed to encourage State Government to recognise, and change the limits of developments in our side streets.

You can down load a copy of our Petition to change DDO8 RAIDID 2011-09-17, print it, get all of your friends to sign it, then fax or post it back in  – address is on the bottom.

There are of course lots of rules about making a petition for Government, one is it must be signed paper – online does not count.

The words of the Petition are below – the restriction of two story, and no exceptions beyond DD08 should improve things significantly, while not perfect, it is a level of change that has a chance of passing. This is a combination of layman’s terms, and Planning speak as reviewed by a sympathetic town planner.


The petition of:   R.A.I.D.I.D – Residents Against Inappropriate Development in Doncaster

Draws to the attention of the House:   The over- development of courts and side streets in the DDO8 areas of Manningham.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

Change the zoning of DDO8 courts and side streets in Manningham to limit new developments to 2 storeys high and mandate DDO8 planning controls as absolute maximum limits.  This will still easily meet planned 2030 growth.


  1. Scott Lynn says:

    In my own area and nearby Doncaster, I believe the council, town planners and building groups have made some mistakes (remember I said some), instead of building a variety of different housing to be part of a business and recreational hub, they have in far too many cases just built a certain type of medium-high density apartments (although some are necessary, but not the amount that have been approved). Not enough town houses have been built, and much of the creativity in terms of housing design appears to have wandered off down the road.

  2. John says:

    Manningham is screwing its residents. Hakea and Hovea streets in Templestowe are having more and more DD08 applications going in. We spent a lot of money on our house only now to have “commision” style housing built all around us. Council has sold residents out!!!

  3. Phil Reeves says:

    As a resident of May St Doncaster East I was one of twenty two out of a possible twenty seven who attended two council meetings. We were objecting to a proposed three story, twenty apartment building on the corner of May and George Sts . with parking for one car per apartment.Meaning additional cars and visitors would have to park in May St,which is a parking nightmare now with out additional cars vieing for spots.At the meetings it was pointed out that the proposed building was higher than regulations allowed. would set a precedent for other three or more story development in short, narrow already congested May St,as well as hoons using it as a bypass from blackburn rd to george st. Not to mention the danger to the older residents.However all the trouble we went to was to no avail as it appeared the project was already rubber stamped and the meeting were only to give the protesters a feeling they had a say in the matter when in reality a decision had already been made. In a democratic country a majority vote should mean that a proposal is accepted or rejected according to the wishes of the people. The attitude of the manningham council is one of we know whats best for the shire and take no notice of the long term residents who have made this shire a wonderful place to live. I along with many older residents will certainly make our votes count at the next election. I wish you good fortune in your endeavors to keep manningham shire a wonderful area to live in peace and comfort.

  4. Dianne says:

    We have just had beside us, an advertising sign for 25 units three storeys high in a narrow street ( 6.1 metres wide )in East Malvern (Stonnington).We are horrified at the size of the footprint of units.
    How do we combat the fact that we will be overlooked, overshadowed and the infrastructure that is already stressed (as admitted by Yarra Water & Council)and does not cope with heavy rain will be compromised.
    We have lived in our house for 40 years have renovated and are (were) looking forward to retiring in our own private little bit of space. Does anyone have any contacts in East Malvern that we can band together with, to stop the slums of tomorrow, I might say we are not against a development that is more appropriate to the streetscape and a far more upmarket development befitting the postcode.

    1. Less says:

      We feel your pain Dianne.
      Try these contacts for your area:
      – Malvern East: MEG (Malvern East Group)
      – Malvern: Tooronga Residents Group
      These are from the Planning Backlash website: http://marvellousmelbourne.org/drupal/front-page-frame/groups-frame2.htm

  5. Don says:

    I am horrified at the greed of Manningham Council. Think how much more revenue they raise every year from these extra dwellings yet they still raise our rates.

    It is time residential areas remained user friendly and our privacy is maintained. Stand up the councillers who have a multi story developement next door to their home…hello??

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