Elections 2012 Manningham Council

2012-10-28 Sun 9:30pm  Un-official Winners, your new councilors.

The new councilors will choose a Mayor from amongst them in about a week.

Koonung Ward: Jennifer Yang,  Steve O’Brien, Dot Hayes.


Mulum Mulum  Ward: Paul McLeish, Meg Downie, Sophy Galbally.


Heide Ward: Michelle Kleinert, Jim Grivokostopoulos, Geoff Gough.


Heide Ward: The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Bulleen, Templestowe and Lower Templestowe.

Koonung Ward: The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Doncaster and that part of Doncaster East south of Doncaster Road.

Mullum Mullum Ward:  The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Warrandyte, Wonga Park, Warrandyte South, Park Orchards and significant parts of Donvale, Doncaster East and Ringwood North.

Wards in Manningham Council

Council elections are due this October 26th, 2012. It will be a postal Vote expect the papers in your mail box around Oct 9th. You must post ballots back by Thursday Oct 25th.

We are keen to help promote key focus areas, and broadcast community sentiment.   RAIDID will also try to provide information and background on prior councilors and  candidates.

2012-10-01 Manningham City Council 2012 Nominations, and their preferences and statements are here Manningham City Council 2012 candidates

We will list those here that share their information with us, and tell you what we know.

Heide Ward: The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Bulleen, Templestowe and Lower Templestowe.

Koonung Ward: The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Doncaster and that part of Doncaster East south of Doncaster Road.

Mullum Mullum Ward:  The Ward consists primarily of the suburbs of Warrandyte, Wonga Park, Warrandyte South, Park Orchards and significant parts of Donvale, Doncaster East and Ringwood North.

Wards in Manningham Council

The Key issues that we have been involved in are as follows:  (We also have seen some of the candidates in action at the many council meetings that we have attended.)

  • Development at the expense of existing residents, particularly excessive development with little regard for neighborhood amenity.
  • Green Wedge Scare campaigns – promotion of the ideas that all development must by approved near activity centers to protect the green wedge. It’s just a beat up, the extent of development encouraged is 10 times that needed to meet council growth expectations. None of Manningham needs to loose it’s character nor identity.
  • Rates &  Expenditure are way above other similar councils around us why?
  • Community services need to focus on helping those most in need.
  • Councilors need to remember they are there to listen to, collate and voice the residents opinions, not just to rubber stamp any recommendation that comes from council officers.

We all have our personal experience and focuses, so please consider and ask your questions of the candidates – remember councilors from all wards vote on every issue.

Make sure you ask what have they been doing for the community, what experience do they have with council issues & departments?

RAIDID Endorsed Candidates. (We receive no funding or other from these candidates, we just admire their efforts.)

Koonung Ward: Stephen O’Brien

Stephen has been very active, resourceful, approachable, and has presented his ideas well to council officers, authorities and residents. We believe that he is the most likely to achieve significant change.

We have seen him involved in Town Planning issues, the Sewage plant fight, Queens Ave, Residential Strategy just to name a few. His research has delivered strong arguments, and  they are always professionally presented to the correct authority. It seems his Town Planning qualifications, and his time working in other councils is an advantage for us.

Stephen continues to propose sound policies, from Growth reviews to guide town planning policy, Fire brigade reviews of buildings before planning approval, job creation policy, and others just making it easier for those that need a helping hand. He is also has a keen desire to replace the current infighting that has dogged the current councilors.

 Koonung Ward: Jennifer Yang (Current Deputy Mayor.)

Throughout the past council term we have gone to council many times looking for help or an ear for our causes. Jennifer has been there for us, involved in many tasks, organising rooms for our events, answering emails in the wee hours of the night, trying to get the message across at council meetings, often to other non receptive councilors.  More involved than any other councilor. It was good to see her efforts rewarded with the deputy Mayor role. Jennifer had a difficult position last year after declaring a conflict of interest, and subsequently having to exclude herself from the review of residential strategy and amendment C96 . Jennifer has advised that after further consultation and clarification. She is now satisfied that she does not have a conflict of interest in this matter.

Jennifer has also shown her ability to see the real underlying issue, and vote accordingly. This was particularly evident last month when the first four Storey Development in a side street was voted through council by all except Jennifer. This was an example of the developer pushing the regulation limits and it seems the other councilors did not vote against it as there were only written objections, so they let it through. We think Jennifer made the best choice for the residents as it should not need massive fights from the residents each time to show that a development is inappropriate or overbearing upon it’s neighbors.  Jennifer has voted against many other inappropriate planning permits including the Sewage plant, curlew court, Queens ave amoungst others.

Koonung Ward: Magdi Khalil

Magdi has three family generations in Manningham. He proved a worthy peer during the fight against the Hepburn rd 14 storey fire trap development. He is well spoken, and a hard worker. Member of many community clubs, and school board. Magdi is well respected in his other community roles, and would be a great addition as a Councilor.

Heide Ward: Ed O’Flynn

Ed has been involved with us for some time now, and has put the effort in on several campaigns. He always has valid input, and works well in a committee environment. Ed’s focuses include rates, appropriate development, and infrastructure.

Mullum, Mullum Ward: Paul McLeish

Paul has been leading the battles for Donvale for some time now. While sitting with him at council meetings it is plain to see he is across what is going on, both on the agenda, and reading  between the lines. He has battled large developments all the way to VCAT and won, as well as dissected and explained the council budget. A long term community activist.

Mullum, Mullum Ward: Meg Downie

Meg has stood up with us on important and precident setting issues, often outside of her ward. An important trait for the councilors – To realise they vote for the well being of all wards in Manningham.

Meg has also achieved many things within her ward over her term as councilor – have a look at her statement


  1. Jennifer Cope says:

    comment from all candidates is invited

    From: Cope, Jennifer
    Sent: Thursday, 11 October 2012 5:54 PM
    To: ‘geoff.gough@manningham.vic.gov.au’
    Subject: Can you direct me to how I find more about you; your history and achievements?

    Hi Geoff

    My name is Jennifer Cope. I’ve lived in Doncaster for 14 years and have never met you, nor do I know what it is that you do or have done. I don’t attend Council meetings or belong to any interest groups. As with most people, I have a professional and personal life which prevents me from participating actively in the role of Local Council and at the same time question the relevance and cost effectiveness of this third layer of government.

    My experience of living in Doncaster for the last 14 years, is that it has gone from being a leafy suburb; culturally diverse and with amenities which supported the community, to a developer’s dream for mutli-rise and dual accommodation, with massive impacts on local residents.

    Can you confirm for me, what your tenure has been in the role, and what you have done to either facilitate or counter unsustainable development in this area? Without having read minutes of council meetings, I expect that Council has benefitted handsomely from the developments in the area. If that is not the case, can you please explain to me how developers have been so generously indulged with such massive impacts to local residents?

    Can I further confirm how whatever financial benefits gained by this development, has been spent by Council, given that we are confronted daily with traffic and parking problems in backstreets?

    I spent a couple of years commuting on public transport, which involved a walk down many poorly lit streets, on footpaths which were poorly maintained and with the added risk of some drainage problems which resulted in water trickling across these dangerous footpaths, covered in autumn leaves. Nothing has changed, but we have a new “square”!

    Have you ever taken a walk down Whittens Lane at 6am?
    Have you tried to turn left into Cockaigne from Whittens Lane in the last 12 months? Try after 5pm. If it happened once in a while on weekends, you’d assume there was a wedding or 21st celebration.

    Either this is the result of overflow from recent developments, or there are more than 20 people living in the same home.

    What do you attribute this to Geoff?

    There’s another billboard announcing yet another demolition of another family home with planning permits and designs for another high density development on Whittens Lane. Where do you sit on all of this Geoff?


    Jennifer Cope

  2. Jennifer Cope says:

    Can I confirm the hours during which the moderator operates?

    1. Less says:

      mostly the late evening.

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