Elections 2012 Manningham Council Heide: EdwinOFlynn

Heide Ward: Ed O’Flynn

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I have served on committees of sporting clubs, schools and churches during the 45 years that I have lived in Manningham.

I wish to join with the incoming council to restore a sense of trust and integrity and act coherently on behalf of the community.

Council rates have increased 50% since 2007. The most recent increase of over 6% is double the CPI.

This is in spite of high density development, Government handouts, sale of properties and parking revenue.

Planning decisions have been biased towards developers. Too much has been spent on developer breakfasts and media promotions.

Whether we extend urban boundaries or go high rise, inevitably, there will be impact on infrastructure, traffic and quality of life. Manningham should oppose Melbourne 5 million.

Any person that has attended a council meeting recently knows that we need a change of personnel.

Email me    manomann@optusnet.com.au

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