Elections 2012 Manningham Council Mullum Mullum: Paul McLeish

Mullum, Mullum Ward: Paul McLeish

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My family and I have loved living in Donvale for over 10 years. I have senior business management experience through my long IT/finance career, overseeing large national budgets, teams and projects.

In our local community, I helped lead opposition to the Dome Monastery development, defeating developer and Council at VCAT. Attending most 2012 Council meetings, I began the successful fight against rates on 4652 unsewered Manningham homes. I will defend the sanctity of the Green Wedge by resisting inappropriate development.

Councillors must represent and support their community!

Development planning must be more sympathetic to our communities environment; too often it’s entirely financially driven.

We must support our growing sporting clubs by developing new netball and basketball facilities in Mullum Mullum. Over 4 years Council increased rates 21% and waste charges 35%, with another 5% annually until 2022. Isn’t $78M PA enough? I will act to stop relentless rate rises!


  1. Tom says:

    To Paul McLeish
    Two weeks ago I completed an “online” MC form regarding the disgraceful state of the Warrandyte River Reserve. To date there has been no reply even though a contact number was given.
    I would like to bring to your attention the main points of our correspondence to the Manningham City Council below:
    The River Reserve is:
    “An environmental disgrace and an embarrassment for local residents and businesses

    The appalling state of Warrandyte, particularly around the river walkways opposite the tourist precinct of cafes, restaurants and shops and the roadside verge is in a deplorable condition:
    • Hard rubbish and litter is strewn the entire length between The Stone House Café and the Goldfields Shopping Centre.
    • The riverbank and roadside verges are choked with litter and weeds (many declared noxious in Victoria)
    • Council clean-ups are infrequent and ineffectual given the amount of rubbish that has obviously been there for a long period of time.
    • After a weekend of visitors to the area there is a colossal amount of litter left behind and is often left to accumulate for months. This must surely contribute to the degradation of the river system.
    • There is little visible evidence of any enforcement of littering By-Laws. Bins that are overflowing during busy periods also compound this problem.
    • The amount of dog faeces visible on the tracks is sometimes deplorable and is a health risk to users. On a section of walk dog faeces was visible every two or three metres.
    • At night-time the local carparks are regularly used as meeting places for drunken youths.

    Given that the businesses (and therefore the City of Manningham) rely on tourists, action must be taken to address the state of the local environment and protect this area of the green wedge. It is becoming apparent to many locals that Manningham Council is not directing sufficient resources to maintain the amenity of this unique part of the Manningham area.

    We invite council CEO and councillors to walk the river precinct to see for themselves the appalling state of this part of Warrandyte, particularly from the bridge to the Stone House Café (but also in the other direction) and initiate action to address the issue before there are economic and irreversible environmental impacts for the area.

    In anticipation of a response

    Tom and Kim

  2. The highly anticipated Mullum Mullum Stadium will help to address the shortage of indoor court space in Manningham and provide a boost for local sporting clubs in Manningham.

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