The integrity of the restrictive covenants on land in the Glen Towers estate, limiting development on each block to a single dwelling, are now under threat from a developer who has consolidated three allotments in Gilmore Rd and is applying for their removal to enable the construction of a three storey apartment development to height of 11 metres by providing the minimum land area of 1800m2.

Owner owns 3, 5 and 7 Gilmore Road Doncaster Click to enlarge

Glen Towers Estate
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Garden Setting Walker St Glen Towers Estate Click to enlarge

Garden Setting Walker St
Glen Towers Estate          South of Doncaster Road
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Manningham had stated they could not foresee any further development on the estate and had continually reassured the beneficiaries that there was no intention to remove the covenants even though council, being the proponent and designer, had already provided the catalyst for their removal by zoning the estate in the sub Precinct A for redevelopment. The then Manningham CEO had sent a letter to beneficiaries which said in part; “we advise that Council has never discussed any intent; holds no plan or desire; and, has not Continue reading COUNCIL ON BOTH SIDES OF FENCE RE COVENANTS →


“It will not improve the living standards of you or I; nor will it reduce poverty and inequality or foster innovation and creativity. The only beneficiaries of high immigration are the immigrants themselves and while that is great, we can safely say that the government is not pursuing immigration for humanitarian reasons. Instead it is creating an illusion of growth while hoping you don’t realise the reality”. Excerpt from The Big Australian Illusion by Callum Pickering for The Business Spectator.

By Michael Mucci for Sydney Morning Herald

By Michael Mucci for
Sydney Morning Herald

Callum Pickering For The Business Spectator Click to Enlarge

Callum Pickering 

We thank Mary Drost AOM,  Convenor of Planning Backlash for forwarding this article.  “Backlash have repeatedly called on the state government to moderate population growth.  Melbourne is being forced to grow at an alarming rate but clearly at the expense of infrastructure which has remained stagnant.”

Callum Pickering wrote; Australia has the highest population growth in the developed world. But what are our immigration policies trying to achieve? Continue reading POPULATION GROWTH IS NOT AN ECONOMIC PLAN →


If you had purchased a detached house in Doncaster around December 2011 and sold it today the sale price could have doubled. In the same period apartment prices in the area have not increased which means many apartment owners wanting to sell this year would be lucky to redeem their initial outlay.

 Houses Shown in Blue  Units  in Red/Brown  Click to enlarge

House Rents Shown in BLUE
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Apartment Sale Boards

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If a couple had taken out a high ratio loan to purchase an apartment, say a mortgage of $400,000, the weekly payments would have been approximately $500.00 plus outgoings, such as owners corporation and municipal rates, the weekly commitments could have been close to $600.00. Currently a detached house in Doncaster could be rented for approximately $500.00 weekly and a two bedroom apartment for less than $450.00. You would be far better off Continue reading CHEAPER TO PAY RENT THAN TO BUY APARTMENT →


DDO8 concerning the 51-53 Beverley St proposal in Sub-Precinct A (In red italic for emphasis) is:

Sub-precinct A is an area where two storey units (9 metres) and three storey (11 metres) ‘apartment style’ developments are encouraged. Three storey, contemporary developments should only occur on land with a minimum area of 1800m2. Where the land comprises more than one lot, the lots must be consecutive lots which are side by side and have a shared frontage. The area of 1800m2 must all be in the same sub-precinct. In this sub-precinct, if a lot has an area less than 1800m2, a townhouse style development proposal only will be considered, but development should be a maximum of two storeys.

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Neighbourhood Character  Two Storeys in Beverley St
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Cross Section 3 Storey at 51-53 Beverley Street

Cross Section of 3 Storey
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3 Storey At 51-53 Beverey Click to enalrge

3 Storey Town House Style proposal Beverley Street
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Residents of East Doncaster are outraged that another three storey town house style development would be proposed at 51-53 Beverley Street after a previous proposal of similar design had been withdrawn. It was expected that any future permit application would only be a two storey town house development because the land area is less than 1800 Sqm. Manningham council had already rejected Continue reading DEVELOPER WANTS EXTRA STOREY DISPENSATION →


An independent study has found that, unless action is taken soon, the number of privately owned vehicles in Melbourne will grow by almost 50% by 2021, creating unprecedented congestion, poor quality of life and a damaged economy. The report, prepared by Philip Boyle & Associates, a leading public transportation consultant, concluded car share is virtually the only solution to this problem.

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Car Pooling Click to enlargeAccording to the GoGet blog, a study commissioned by the City of Melbourne also found that if carsharing services, such as those they provided, are widely implemented they will deliver $45 million in net economic benefit by 2021, including a significant improvement of local shopping and public health. The researchers were unambiguous in the importance of carshare for the future of transport in City of Melbourne is  “[Carshare]  the single most Continue reading CAR POOLING MIGHT EASE TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK →


Manningham must now build dedicated bicycle paths–Footpaths are for pedestrians. Leading law firm Slater and Gordon have confirmed that Councils and the RTA  could be liable for any deaths or injuries occurring on shared bicycle paths. Currently there are no Speed Limits–No Risk Analysis or Duty of Care –No Insurance Cover–No Identification Required for Cyclists–No Means of Enforcing.

Dangers of Shared Paths Click to enlarge

Dangers of Shared Paths
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Manningham Dual Paths Click to enlarge

Council Wanted Shared Paths
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 Councils are creating these Shared Paths all over Australia and as a result, all pedestrians, especially children and the elderly are at great risk. It is an offence for anyone over the age of 12 to ride a bicycle on the footpath.  However, the Australian Road Rules allow the authorities to create a Shared Bicycle Path (SBP) and invite all cyclists to ride upon them.Currently, the following outrageous conditions generally prevail: Few if any Councils have undertaken Continue reading COUNCILS LIABLE FOR INJURY ON SHARED PATHS →


“With the growth of Doncaster Hill a recent study forecasts a significant increase in locally generated traffic. In order to enhance livability and community well being we want to work with the community to come up with solutions as to how we can get more people to walk, cycle and use public transport”.

Community Consultation Click to Enlarge

Community Consultation
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Empty Bike Security Click to enlarge

Empty Bike Security

Doncaster Road and Williamsons/Tram Road, both busy arterial carriageways, present a very hostile environment for pedestrians which is discouraging walking trips to Westfield as well as access to the Bus exchange located there. The incorporation of grade separated pedestrian bridges over these roads is one option for consideration. However any construction of a new pedestrian overpass or underpass would have to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which requires low gradient ramps. This is unlikely to be Continue reading COUNCIL WANT MORE PEOPLE TO WALK & CYCLE →


Clearly, without overseas buyers, many off-plan projects on Doncaster Hill would not be proceeding. However if overseas buyers wish to sell they will incur heavy losses because of the difference between the prices paid through overseas intermediaries and what they will fetch on the falling local market.

Data Unit Asking Prices Click to Enlarge

SQM Data Unit Asking Prices
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According to SQM research, asking prices for 2 bedroom units (shown in red–houses in blue) in the Doncaster area have not increased but have actually fallen in the last few years. The situation will be no better on Doncaster Hill, where there have been apartments resold $50,000 below what they were purchased for 12 months prior. First home buyers, who have purchased an apartment to get a foot hold on the real estate ladder, will be penalised financially and forced to wait and hope that in time they might redeem their initial outlay or cut their losses and take what they can now.. The majority Continue reading NO CAPITAL RETURNS FOR APARTMENT INVESTORS →


Pete and Beth Clark wrote…”I wish our son could have a childhood like mine, with an empty block next door to roam in with hours and hours of outside time, riding our bikes with gangs of neighbourhood children with no sense of time and no parents hovering. If we got hungry we’d go home for food, or as Mum described it – “you must came home when it gets dark” Now it will be car-ferrying all the way, for fear of the “stranger danger”, to and from school and sporting activities, at least while he is young”.

Saving Space in 1937 Click to Enlarge

Saving Space in 1937
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Children Play Outdoors Click to enlarge

Children Play Outdoors in Parkland
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Many specialists in the field of child development and urban psychology say that life in high-rise apartments can present hurdles to a toddler’s psychological growth, particularly to the young child’s need to develop a sense of autonomy. And high-rises are exactly the kind of buildings that are being built on Doncaster Hill.

This kind of vertical existence also changes the traditional idea of  “going outside to play”, even in cities. The hallways and elevators that connect high rise buildings to terra firma exert their own intimidating force.  A recent study found Continue reading RAISING FAMILY IN HIGH RISE IS NOT CHILD’S PLAY →


Manningham anticipated that the eastern freeway extension to Springvale Road would significantly reduce traffic volumes along Doncaster road. This had provided the opportunity to transform the character of the road from a state highway carrying heavy traffic to a tree lined boulevard. 
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Low Rise Residential Building
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 The 1997  Three Storey River of Life  proposal as part of the State Government’s  Living Suburbs scheme was the last opportunity for Manningham council to control the size of development on Doncaster Hill. Councillors had accepted the the lower height of buildings  but voted against the strategy due to car parking issues. During this period, all councils were required to produce a new format planning scheme which incorporated the new State wide planning provisions. The principles of the State Government’s ‘Living Suburbs’, a Policy for Metropolitan Melbourne into the 21st century for the State Government of Victoria 1995, were to be adopted in ‘The River of Life’.
 This was seen as a godsend for the Council staff, who were getting anxious about the prospect of