Leading Law Firm Confirms Councils and RTA Can Be Liable for Deaths and Injuries on Shared Bicycle Paths

No Speed Limits – No Risk Analysis or Duty of Care – No Insurance Cover –
No Identification Required for Cyclists – No Means of Enforcement
“Councils Must Build Dedicated Bicycle Paths – Footpaths Are For Pedestrians”

Leading law firm Slater and Gordon has been retained by the Pedestrian Council of Australia to provide advice as to the legal rights and protections afforded to pedestrians on Shared Bicycle Paths.  A copy of their advice is attached.

The Chairman of the PCA, Harold Scruby, said today:  “Councils are creating these Shared Paths all over NSW (and Australia) and as a result, all pedestrians, especially children and the elderly are at great risk.

“It is an offence for anyone over the age of 12 to ride a bicycle on the footpath.  However, the Australian Road Rules allow the authorities to create a Shared Bicycle Path (SBP) and invite all cyclists to ride upon them.

“Currently, the following outrageous conditions generally prevail: Continue reading Leading Law Firm Confirms Councils and RTA Can Be Liable for Deaths and Injuries on Shared Bicycle Paths →

C 95 Panel Recommmends Limited Term For Supermarket

These relevant comments were sent in by the “Friends of Jackson”

The prospect of a long term period for a supermarket in Jackson Court, to reinvigorate and anchor the flagging centre, appears doubtful now that the C95 panel, at the behest of the applicant, has recommended the term of the supermarket be reduced to a period of only 15 years. Manningham C95 Panel Report
Councillors who had voted to have the amendment 95 processed, on the condition the applicant would Continue reading C 95 Panel Recommmends Limited Term For Supermarket →

Bike Paths in Manningham

If you look at the VicRoads Bicycle path map below you will see that there are a lot of proposed paths in Manningham, but mostly there is no path from A to B.

There are a dozen “Green’ exclusive bike lanes – but most last under 2 km long – then become shared again.  Our parks are good for scenic riding, but we have concerns about commuter rides. Have a look and comment on whether your regular commutes have safe bicycle options and for how far.

Vic Roads bicycle network in Manningham


Manningham’s promotion of cycling to help reduce car dependency, tackle local car parking and traffic issues and encourage people to walk and cycle, has clearly failed. Photos taken recently, on a normal workday, show the Park and Ride at capacity and the Parkiteer bike cage, a free secure holding bay, containing only two bicycles..

ParkRide011 ParkRide006 ParkRide005 ParkRide001

The main reasons for this imbalance is Continue reading DEDICATED CYCLE PATHS →


Access to the outdoors from an apartment tower usually does not become an issue for parents until their child asks for the first time, ”Can I go out to play?” ”One study of children living in high-rises found that most were not allowed out to play by themselves until they were 10.”

Children At Play

Research has led to the consensus Continue reading MUMMY CAN I GO OUT TO PLAY? →


At present there appears to be too great an emphasis on increasing housing density without giving due recognition to the importance of high quality public transport services to ensuring this increased density does not end up being associated with reduced liveability due to continuing high levels of car ownership and private travel.

Urban expert Dr Ernest Healy said car numbers in the city could rise by up to a massive 46 per cent, or an extra 1.13 million, by 2031, based on current high migrant intakes. “It would be astronomical. Governments would never keep up with the required road infrastructure -something’s got to give,” he said.

Traffic Gridlock

For example, .. Continue reading CONTINUING INCREASE IN CAR OWNERSHIP →

Weekly Unit Asking Prices Since 2009 Indicate Zero Capital Gain in Doncaster

We had a great insight given to us when the SQMresearch website was sent our way… follow the link and enter your Post-Code

There is a wealth of national information on this website, in particular the unit asking price by post code since 2009.

It points towards a zero capital gain for Doncaster units in the 5 year period. Worse for apartments prospects when you consider they are statistically bundled with attached and semi detached housing (villa units & town houses) which have been performing very well. The asking rental figures are also interesting.

With the high number of apartments projects currently pre-selling, and a glut inevitable, you have to think there will be many that won’t proceed.

When looking specifically at Doncaster, over the last 3 years houses have broke even, but Units have dropped 5%-12% – see below. Continue reading Weekly Unit Asking Prices Since 2009 Indicate Zero Capital Gain in Doncaster →


Developers have advised us that most apartments purchased in Manningham are by locals. It has been stated for a long time that overseas buyers have been courted by focused residential marketing. The Australian Government only allow them to buy new properties, or buy to increase the quantity of housing – see attached guide below.   What is the best for Australia?

  • Investment keeps the building industry going – a key industry in Victoria.
  • External and Overseas interest & investment; increases demand, increases sales, drives up prices and damages affordability as they do not live in our economy.

buying_a_home FIRB Foreign Investors ( 2 Pages Overview)

What do you think?

Manningham New Gov Zones vs Old zones

There are more drastic changes to the Planning schemes and regulations coming, as discussed previously due to statewide rezoning by the government. Scary words like discretionary are being used again – for instance the GRZ zone below includes special allowances for extra height etc for current DD08 A & B areas.

Manningham Council have now approved / requested the state government to take the next step. see Continue reading Manningham New Gov Zones vs Old zones →

Banks measure Apartments smaller than builders !

BUYERS OFF THE PLAN SHORT CHANGED   Worth taking note of this if you are considering an apartment purchase…

“Banks usually baulk at bankrolling smaller apartments for fear of a reduced resale value”. – Herald Sun Continue reading Banks measure Apartments smaller than builders ! →