Above Pancake Building                                                  Pancake Building

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Here’s the answer to London’s booming population: The Endless City project.

Ambitious plans have been unveiled for a futuristic skyscraper which could Continue reading APARTMENT BUILDING LIKE STACK OF PANCAKES →



Balloon Top Centre 19m,

Balloon Top Centre 19m,

Developments up to a height of 19 meters could occur in and around other Neighbourhood Activity Centres throughout the metropolitan area if the state minister for planning approves amendment C95 as submitted by the Manningham Council.

Councillors have approved the C95 amendment, for a 19m high mixed use development at Jackson Court,  after Manningham Officer’s had back flipped and supported the application, despite there being little or no change to the proposal.

 Click to enlarge photo. Arrow indicates 19m height, as seen from abutting residences.

council minutes 27 august 2013 – full

They had previously stated; “It is considered that the degree of change including the height and scale of the building, is excessive and does not provide a suitable transition to the adjacent residential properties.

Furthermore the proposed height of the development does not……



June and Graeme’s unit is one of seven dwellings that could have a 19m high development at their back door if councillors endorse the panel’s recommendations at the next council meeting to be held on Tuesday the 26th of August. The proposals narrow rear setback of 3 metres will ensure a claustrophobic outlook for these unfortunate owners, Council’s original suggestion of wider setbacks and a reduced height of development, though still repressive, could be more acceptable if councillors were to amend the recommendations.

PDF Graeme and June     Click bottom right hand of page to enlarge.

Above link to photo from Weekly Review showing Graeme and June outside their unit indicating the height of the 19m development in relation to their home with forefinger left hand.

The following part includes a summary of events, the Jackson Court Urban Planning Analysis and the outlook for owners of single storey dwellings immediately behind the 19m proposal…….  Continue reading A TOWER AT OUR BACK DOOR →


The new owners of the land at 20-24 Hepburn Road have rejected council approved plans for the use of mechanical parking units in the 15 storey development. Instead will be including an  extra basement to accommodate the short fall in the parking tally requirement as a result of their removal. This a wakeup call to some members of the Manningham planning arm, who had hoped, by approving the use of stacker parking, developers would be attracted to the cheaper but inferior concept thereby creating more developer interest in its high rise strategy.

Two Car Stacker

According to a neighbour in close contact with the developer…….



Excerpt from Age article 11/8/14

The $8 billion project, which links Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway with the Western Ring Road, is shaping up as the key political flash point in the lead-up to November’s hotly contested state election. Traffic forecasts for major road infrastructure have been put under increased scrutiny after a $46 million class action was launched in May against consultants Arup over allegedly misleading traffic forecasts for the company that managed Brisbane’s Airport Link toll roads, which went into receivership last year.

Sydney Morning Herald 12/8/14….. Continue reading CONSULTANTS UNDER SCRUTINY →


There will be an oversupply of new apartment developments in Manningham, particularly on Doncaster Hill, if the current number pre-selling ever get off the ground A glut of apartments will drive down prices and pose a problem for investors who would be relying on the value of their property to increase by the time development reaches completion. Both these issues mean…….. Continue reading TOO MANY TOO SOON →

Is this the Worst Overshadowing Ever?

I was very surprised to see this in South Melbourne Last week.  42 Albert st. South Melbourne. I haven’t found the history on it yet, but it does look like something that had to be kept due to heritage or such…

If you look closely, the building on the right is Szencorp -“sustainable developments”, promoting a green retrofit of their building.

Over shadowing to the Extreme !

Over shadowing to the Extreme !

Wind Assessments Required For Doncaster Hill High Rise

All developers are required to provide a wind assessment to minimise additional wind flow to ground level.

“Before the development starts,
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Leading Law Firm Confirms Councils and RTA Can Be Liable for Deaths and Injuries on Shared Bicycle Paths

No Speed Limits – No Risk Analysis or Duty of Care – No Insurance Cover –
No Identification Required for Cyclists – No Means of Enforcement
“Councils Must Build Dedicated Bicycle Paths – Footpaths Are For Pedestrians”

Leading law firm Slater and Gordon has been retained by the Pedestrian Council of Australia to provide advice as to the legal rights and protections afforded to pedestrians on Shared Bicycle Paths.  A copy of their advice is attached.

The Chairman of the PCA, Harold Scruby, said today:  “Councils are creating these Shared Paths all over NSW (and Australia) and as a result, all pedestrians, especially children and the elderly are at great risk.

“It is an offence for anyone over the age of 12 to ride a bicycle on the footpath.  However, the Australian Road Rules allow the authorities to create a Shared Bicycle Path (SBP) and invite all cyclists to ride upon them.

“Currently, the following outrageous conditions generally prevail: Continue reading Leading Law Firm Confirms Councils and RTA Can Be Liable for Deaths and Injuries on Shared Bicycle Paths →

C 95 Panel Recommmends Limited Term For Supermarket

These relevant comments were sent in by the “Friends of Jackson”

The prospect of a long term period for a supermarket in Jackson Court, to reinvigorate and anchor the flagging centre, appears doubtful now that the C95 panel, at the behest of the applicant, has recommended the term of the supermarket be reduced to a period of only 15 years. Manningham C95 Panel Report
Councillors who had voted to have the amendment 95 processed, on the condition the applicant would Continue reading C 95 Panel Recommmends Limited Term For Supermarket →