Banks measure Apartments smaller than builders !

BUYERS OFF THE PLAN SHORT CHANGED   Worth taking note of this if you are considering an apartment purchase…

“Banks usually baulk at bankrolling smaller apartments for fear of a reduced resale value”. – Herald Sun Continue reading Banks measure Apartments smaller than builders ! →

Term of Doncaster Supermarket Now in Dispute

This Concerning sidestep was sent in regarding the long running Jackson court shopping center rezoning request.

The panel hearing, held on 28/3 to 1/5, in relation to 3-9 and 11 Mitchell Street/Jackson Court, East Doncaster was to hear evidence and consider a planning scheme amendment C95. It was proposed, in return for having the land rezoned to a mixed use (MUZ) and council approving a planning permit for a development 19m high, the applicant would agree to provide an area of at least 1300m2 on the ground floor of the proposal for the purpose of a supermarket by way of a 173 agreement (enduring) to be registered on the title to the land. However, according to documents submitted to the panel on behalf of the applicant, there now appears a reluctance to be bound by such an agreement, notwithstanding it was the basic condition on which Councillors approved the amendment proposal be submitted in the first place. Continue reading Term of Doncaster Supermarket Now in Dispute →

Earliest High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings are nothing new, consider these in a city that alone has the population of Australia, where extremely few have a back yard, and high rise buildings have been around for 4000 years plus.

Giza Pyramids   A couple of interesting Cairo notes:

1. Buildings in the city usually remain unfinished – so they don’t have to pay tax on it.

2. There is around 22 Million people in the city of Cairo, the same as all of the Australian continent.

3. In the Giza area, the city and houses come within 500 meters of the Pyramids and monuments, you need to pick your angle to get a photo of Pyramids in the desert…

4. The tallest Pyramid here is 145 meters tall. roughly 42 storeys tall.

5. Made from 2,300,000 blocks of lime stone, each 2.5 tonnes.

6. Supposedly for just one tenant, Pharaoh Khufu


Just in case you are trying to fathom out some markings on a plan somewhere….

The Formula is as follows Continue reading DEGREES OF SLOPE TO FALL CALCULATOR – Including Gradient →

Fake Photography for Developers

Kim sent this in to keep us all weary of developers tricks…

The photo of Short Street on left is an example of how a severe slope can be made to appear flat when photographed from an elevated position. Residents in the area of Short Street were puzzled to see a photographer and his assistant taking photos from a very high ladder, early one Sunday morning.

The photo taken was later used in the consultant’s traffic report, accepted by council, and submitted as supporting evidence at a resident Vcat appeal against a 14 storey  apartment tower proposed on the corner of Short Street and Hepburn Road. There are planning issues, many still unresolved, including the development’s driveway to be located in Short Street, where it would have to cross a footpath with a gradient of approximately 1m in 6m..

Short Street Consultants photo Short Street Genuine photo Short Street Gradient  photo

Consultant’s photo  of Short Street,     Genuine photo of Short Street,          Gradient of Short Street

Self Containment of Travel Within an LGArea

Manningham  is the Third Lowest Local Government Area, ( LGA,) when it comes to living and working in the same area. A significant reason that most people in Manningham rely on car travel.

 Self-containment of travel

Self-containment shows the proportion of work journeys that originate and end in the same local area. High self-containment is seen as beneficial as it indicates a relatively even distribution of jobs and dwellings, and the opportunity for shorter journeys between work and home.

For the purpose of this analysis self-containment has been defined as journey to work trips which start in a certain LGA and end in the same or a neighboring LGA. However Continue reading Self Containment of Travel Within an LGArea →


The Melbourne Metropolitan Project (MMP), will now be known as The Rail Capacity Project. There has not been a commitment of funding from the current Federal government…

Federal government rules out funding for Melbourne Airport rail-link


The PPP (Public Private Partnership) discussed below for the Continue reading SCALED DOWN NETWORK WILL RULE OUT DONCASTER RAIL →

Westfield parking tower – unlikely capacity

There are currently approx 287 car spaces in the car park in which the new Westfield Parking tower is to be located. They claim 854 spaces but it appears they have not deducted the number of spaces displaced. It would be hard for outsiders to accurately calculate without knowing its exact position.

Westfield Parking Station 003

More About Bus Tunnels and Bridges

Comments below from Nick and Con was posted today re Bus Tunnels and Bridges, and they had some Interesting Cycling and Pedestrian info to share with it…

DH Ped&Cycl Plan First Proposed                        Revised Ped & cycle circuit plan

Doncaster Hill was a Continue reading More About Bus Tunnels and Bridges →

Completions Since Doncaster Hill Strategy Approved in 2002 – Not good for Trains

It is hard to justify spending 4- 6 Billion Dollars on a Doncaster Hill Station with only seven apartment buildings completed since 2002.


There are no Doncaster Hill developments currently under construction. Apart from 7-11 Berkley Street, completed in December 2013, the last development finished  was the Madison in June 2012. See below Continue reading Completions Since Doncaster Hill Strategy Approved in 2002 – Not good for Trains →