Sunken Apartments To Get Past Building Height Limits.

How many ways can heights be described? A clear example of  what happens when the rules have ambiguity – take note for the C96 amendment vote coming up
May 28th.

…To further example the uncertainty, the proposal (below) in sub-precinct A, at 185-187 Foote Street Templestowe, for a three/partial fourth storey, on a land area of 1548m, will be debated at a submitters meeting tomorrow the 18th April, 6pm at council offices. The proposal, which is actually 13.2m high, is to be sunk beneath the natural ground level by excavating to a depth equal to at least 3 meters (one storey, conform to the prescribed height of 9m above the natural ground level, (plus 1m extra to help minimise earthworks) despite the current  schedule which states; developments be designed and sited to minimise the need for earthworks (excavation) by either siting the building on the flattest part of the site or by designing the building to step with the land. … Continue reading Sunken Apartments To Get Past Building Height Limits. →

High Density IPP Report is released C96 – Amendment C96 Tightening DDO8 Controls

The Independent Panel report is now in the Mannigham council website under the heading

Amendment C96 Tightening DDO8 Controls

See Executive Summary from page 6 shown below, or download the full C96 IPP report here: manningham c96 panel report (Full report 488K)

Council will vote on this at the May 28th Manningham Council Meeting.

Media Release : amendment c96 panel report released

We would ask that you digest carefully the findings and assess whether the intent of the Residential Strategy Review –  which was the precursor to this Amendment C96 –  has been fulfilled which was to provide: clarity, certainty and a layer of protection for residents against inappropriate developments.
It is critical that Continue reading High Density IPP Report is released C96 – Amendment C96 Tightening DDO8 Controls →

C96 Panel Report Released to Manningham Council today – Public tomorrow

C96 High Density Zoning review, Independent Planning Panel Report Released to Manningham Council today 9 Monday April 15th – Public tomorrow.

I have been advised that the council received the Panel report today, and it will be on the Manningham Council web site tomorrow for public review.

Please take this opportunity to review it, and prepare any feed back for the councilors to understand community sentiment.


The Koonung councilors are have asked if the public would like a group meeting to discuss and give feedback. I think Yes.

It would need to happen late enough for us to properly consider, and early enough for them to seek clarification before voting.

Remember to discuss with all ward councilors as they all vote equally.

Mullum Mullum Recount Settles it.

The recount has been completed – without  D.Muscat’s Primary votes, and the result is no Change.

that is the three councilors for the Mullum Mullum ward are still  Paul McLeish, Sophie Galbally, and Meg Downie.

No-one has to go to the polls again…  Previous Story thread


Mullum Mullum Election Recount

The decision on how to deal with the invalid Local Council candidate David Muscat, and in particular the votes he wrongly took , is as follows:

1. Remove Mr Muscats primary votes, and recount using his preferences. If the three current councillors are still at the top then they stay.

or 2. If the final three winners change at all, then Mullum Mullum is back to the polls…

Full story here in the Weekly Review VEC ordered to recount council election in Mullum Mullum 

Our previous stories can be found here      See the Value of MrMuscat’s preferences in our previous review




Who else feels like Barbara below, and asks themselves Why?

WHY should the community have to fight its own Council, to uphold building controls to restrict overdevelopment, to protect community amenity, to protect property values, liveability, and fundamental rights to privacy, sunlight and pleasant surrounds when it pays such handsome salaries to Manningham planners and elects the councillors to ensure this happens?

WHY are Manningham officers, the authors of the strategy and the determining authority with all the discretionary options, continuing to approve overdevelopments against the very wishes of their employers, the Manningham rate payers?

WHY are the latest Continue reading WHY →

Bunnings Doncaster 9 Storeys and Beverly st

A couple of contentious developments on the move presently.

1. Doncaster East, Beverley St 51-53 – small side street with big plans – see here for the big picture

2. Bunnings On Doncaster Hill is about to re-advertise it’s plans for 9 storeys next to the Primary school and shopping town. Stay tuned to see if they have found a way to keep the trucks and other traffic away from Council St and the Doncaster primary school.

The kids will be devastated – 7-11 will be knocked down, where will they get their Slurpies ?

C96 Internal Parking and Compliance in High Density Developments

A great submision here by Frank, focussing on Internal parking issues, and compliance. <Surnames & Address etc withheld for privacy>


            Submission to Planning Panel Hearing Commencing 27th. February, 2013

Presented by Frank X.

1.   Introduction

I am a long time resident of Doncaster, Continue reading C96 Internal Parking and Compliance in High Density Developments →

VCAT Special Permision to Record Hearing

Further to our article last week discussion how VCAT public hearings are recorded by VCAT but not shared, Kristian Silva from the Weekly Review has got some answers from VCAT on the topic.

  1. VCAT parties are not allowed to capture proceedings on audio or video recorders during the hearings unless they receive permission from the VCAT chief executive or president.
  2. VCAT’s communication manager, Ashe Whitaker, said “a potential privacy issue” was identified by the tribunal providing audio to parties.

However, considering it is a public meeting, and everyone is advised by the member that recording is running at all times even during breaks, how is there any privacy issue?

Further to that we have been shown legal documents that show Continue reading VCAT Special Permision to Record Hearing →

Manningham candidate David Muscat faces court – 2 yrs or $33600

Kristian Silva from the Weekly Review – Eastern has the latest hereManningham candidate David Muscat faces court

The second part of this saga – whether Mullum Mullum is to go back to the polls for a by-election is yet to be decided…

The man accused of running as an illegal candidate in last year’s Manningham Council elections could face a two-year jail term for alleged breaches of the Local Government Act. Continue reading Manningham candidate David Muscat faces court – 2 yrs or $33600 →