MEG Submission to the VCAT Fee Review

The MEG have shared their point of view on the VCAT Fee increase, if you have ever been to VCAT, some of these items might ring very true with you.

There are also some good suggestions on a different approach to fixing the problems and expenses of running VCAT appeals, while leveling the playing field…

When reading the submission, keep in mind that VCAT have already introduced the ability to pay and get your hearing brought forward, on the majors cases list. ( anything over a few townhouses qualifies…)

Well put MEG, I particularly love the idea of limiting each party to one representative. Continue reading MEG Submission to the VCAT Fee Review →

Bi-election May be called for Mullum Mullum

We may get an answer soon on this one, but it sure is messy.

If Mr Muscat had withdrawn the 521 primary votes would have gone elsewhere, as would the 26 preferences he collected, that were subsequently distributed across the remaining candidates.

So what is the right thing to do with his votes?

  • Delete all votes including preferences ?
  • Delete his primary, and distribute the subsequent choices / preferences as if they were the first?
  • Start the whole election for Mullum Mullum again ? If so should it be limited to those that ran last time?

From the table below you can see the yellow colored votes for Mr Muscat, not huge, but there is a flow on effect Continue reading Bi-election May be called for Mullum Mullum →

VCAT Development Appeals Getting Further out of Reach.

Well it’s beyond stories now, the numbers are out, Development challenges for over $1Mil –  $38 in 2012, will be Over $2000 in 2014. It’s certainly not good for residents trying to fight for thier amenity. VCAT costs are going up in a user pays environment that certainly works against Joe Public. We got the story first hand from a VCAT member recently, he said it would affect many things that VCAT did, particularly Planning cases.

You can tell VCAT – it’s not on until Feb 15th. Continue reading VCAT Development Appeals Getting Further out of Reach. →

Event : High Density Zones and planned changes – Koonung ward councilors review and discussion.

If you want to know what the high density zone changes proposed are, want to understand what the planning speak means, or want to know how to put a submission to the Independent planning panel, then this is for you.

It will be an open forum and workshop with Koonung ward councillors there, including Steve O’brien who is a professional  town planner.  Click here for full details   & to  RSVP.    Doncaster,  Wed Feb 20th, 2013  7:30pm


Interesting take on Australia’s Growth Needs.

This was sent in to us, with the following comment:  (The sender was keen to point out they are not an ALP voter, just that they appreciated the content…)

It is worth reading through from Carbon tax to Education, Skilled Immegration to Boat people, Green Wedges to Traffic. See what you make of it.

“I hope that you have some spare time to read the attached speech from Kelvin Thomson,former Attorney General and an elite visionary.”


Speech by Kelvin Thomson to Malvern East Group Annual General Meeting
7 September 2011   Member for Wills
Residents like you who love and value the community in which they live and who don’t want to see it destroyed by developments in their street, neighbourhood or suburb get told, we have no choice- people have to be allowed to live somewhere. We have to accommodate Melbourne’s growing population.

And it is certainly true that Melbourne’s population is growing- 200 people a day, 1500 a week, 75,000 each year.

But it is wrong to think that growth is inevitable, that there is nothing we can do about it. Continue reading MELBOURNE’S POPULATION by Kelvin Thompson →

Public workshop on how to present to planning panels.

Are you interested?

Koonung ward councilors are asking what topics of  interest would be in a workshop to make sure you know how to get your point across to a planning panel…

Very important to our C96 proposal.

It could cover, references,  Planning speak, items that are or not taboo, presentation techniques …

what else would you like to include?

Please contact your favourite Koonung councilor. Manningham councilors

Thiele St 2-4-6 VCAT Practice Day.

Well Thiele St Doncaster, and it’s 50 apartments / four storey proposal had it’s practice day a VCAT last Friday. All told about 15 minutes, after sitting trough a couple of others at 10am.

The VCAT member checked that the developer, the council, and the unhappy residents were present, then asked if we were all will to have a mediation day.

Mediation is where the two disagreeing parties meet for three hours and try to come to an agreement. There is an arbitrator from VCAT, who will not make decisions, just help with the negotiations.

Continue reading Thiele St 2-4-6 VCAT Practice Day. →

Response to c96 Denisty changes – history lesson

Why is it important to be very clear and avoid abiguity when defining planning rules?

And why must we all make sure that we track and challenge the council? Well this history lesson from some-one who has been there before spells it out…

Despite all council’s undertakings and assurances it is unlikely we will have many two storey apartment developments, particularly in sub-precinct A, if at all.

During a Spring Street rally last year, we approached the then Shadow Minister for planning, who in the previous government had allegedly signed off on decisions pertaining to the DDO8, Continue reading Response to c96 Denisty changes – history lesson →

Donvale development plan bound for VCAT

This development site had previously been approved for ten townhouses, now they want to squeeze in 23.

The narrow single access street will suffer congestion at the best of times with no room for passing. The exit on to Carbine street lands on top of a bus stop, and a roundabout that is usually backed up with primary school traffic.

This would be an ongoing issue for all, particularly as the street it exits onto is already carrying it’s design capacity load.

A CONTENTIOUS development in Donvale has been rejected by councillors.

The planning application for 23 two-storey homes was dismissed as an overdevelopment of the Carbine St site.

Cr Stephen O’Brien said though council planning officers recommended a permit be granted,  the plan had many flaws.

“It has unsafe vehicle access, goes against neighbourhood character and doesn’t constitute an incremental level of change,” he said. Continue reading Donvale development plan bound for VCAT →

Efficient new council – Saves Residents Hours

Wow – You’d better not turn up to the Manningham council meetings late from now on… The new council had their first meeting tonight and were out of there in under an hour !

Much better than the drawn out meetings of old that wen’t to midnight.

Keep it up guys 🙂

Buy the way the High court is soon to hear the issue with the Mullum Mullum in-eligible  contender and the vote scandal at the Vic Electoral Commission. News on that as it happens.