High Density Hell – Puttin the word on the Street !

Well we all realise that a couple of neighbors, even a couple of streets, upset with a single development, will struggle to get Goliath to move.
So this weekend we are putting the word on the street. Throughout Manningham, 6080 of our closest neighbors,  zoned just like us in the Developers Delight (DD08,) will find this community invite DD08_flyer2011-07-06_v5_Final in their Mailbox.

It will invite them to RSVP to a community event (7pm, Thu 21st July,) we are hosting to raise awareness of the impact of DD08 Zoning, and of course what can be done about it. Look out for them, give them a wave,  and a toot if you drive by the delivery team – Show Your Support any way you can. Continue reading High Density Hell – Puttin the word on the Street ! →

The People ARE Winning

Although it takes some effort, there are some David & Goliath type stories out there. It’s hard work for just a few to sway the system, or change it’s direction, but it has been done. Over the next few weeks we are going to collect  a selection of those that succeeded, how they did it, and what worked for them.

We have enlisted the Help of Save Our Suburbs already, and are finding many help groups, big and small. Our aim is to hit this first Curlew court challenge hard, and while doing so start the linking of our neighbors in arms.


Update from Shadow Minister for planning

I contacted the Shadow Minister for Planning, Mr. Brian Tees. He has his office in Doncaster so his staffers are well aware of the developments. His office was not aware of the issues in Curlew Crt and so I have sent a letter informing him of this development and the relevant supporting documents. According to his office, Matthew Guy (Planning Minister) is reviewing all things related to planning which may mean we are in “planning limbo” for 2 years. This could be good as I will be requesting a moratorium on all developments until decisions are made. However, it may mean that until a new plan is decided, the current one will continue! If the current plans continue we may expect more development as developers get in before things are changed! And who knows what the new plans will be! I will also be sending a letter to Matthew Guy informing him directly of the issues. Mary Wooldridge did indicate that she would be speaking to him, but a few letters from the residents should help.

Just to add to Les’ comments re the meeting with Mary Wooldridge. Thanks to those who braved the cold night – we had a few of us scattered around the room which made it seem like we were everywhere! Les and I were both delighted when common sense prevailed and Mary agreed to come to Curlew Crt and see for herself.

Change needed from State Government on Planning – MP Mary Wooldridge now aware.

Tonight Mary Wooldridge had her open community night. And we had a voice, rather several voices.
Thanks to all that attended, and thanks to Mary for the opportunity to share our concerns.

Mary is the Member for Doncaster in Vic State Government. Feel free to contact her via her web site and submit issues. http://www.marywooldridge.com/

We put the Curlew 30 apartment development issue to Mary as a State Government responsibility, along these terms:
1. Government creates zoning and pushes for more homes in Melbourne, including Manningham.
2. Builders follow DD08 zone rules, and submit a plan.
3. Council planners check builders’ plans meet zoning rules, not specific local capacities, nor sustainability.
4. Residents object – after learning the rules.
5. Builders not happy with council and residents conditions / requests.
6. Builder goes to VCAT.
7. VCAT check Builder meets DD08 Rules – Plan gets approved without local approval.
Therefore a change needs to be at step one – Government zoning rules need to change.

Mary wants to visit Curlew Court, and see for herself, after which Mary has offered to come to our next town meeting. Continue reading Change needed from State Government on Planning – MP Mary Wooldridge now aware. →

High Density, NO – awareness is Key

For any of us to engage the council enough to change this overcooked High Density policy’s direction, it will take a public uproar, and many voices shouting together.Therefore I think it will be necessary to start an awareness campaign.

We need to spread the word, let everyone know it could happen next door to their family homes, and make sure they tell the council loud and clear We Don’t Want it! OBJECT NOW don’t wait until the precedence is set – 30 apartments inside a court is insane. Once we get some sense on the first one, then we can start the ball rolling, and momentum is a wonderful thing when there are many of us pushing the same direction…


Welcome to the Curlew Blog

At the Curlew Blog we hope to share information about the un-sustainable madness Manningham Council is pursuing.
Building High Density Apartments inside small courts, or other suburbia, and believing it will have no negative impact on Traffic, Parking, or neighborhood character is ludicrous.

The Process for Residents to Object to these developments is far from easy, with most concerns being met with the same statement: “Go to the government website, find the regulations about that issue, and once you are an expert, submit your justified objection on this form….”  I for one don’t what to become a town planning expert in my spare time.

What makes it worse, is that most residents don’t even realize their property was rezoned to encourage Multi-storey developments, until one is planned next to them. And it is not just on major roads…. We have one next to us, and we are in a small court.

Manningham call these zones DD08, I heard that DD stands for “Developers Delight” Continue reading Welcome to the Curlew Blog →