Protected or TARGETED ? DD08 Spin

As LJ pointed out in her comment today “I was at the last two meetings and I thought Paul Molan’s actual comment on DDO8 and Curlew Court was that these areas have been “Targeted for Drastic Change.” I find it strange that the vast majority of residents in the DDO8 zones were totally unaware that […]

Brian Tee – Visits Curlew Court

Thanks to Brian Tee ( Shadow Minister for Planning,) for Visiting Curlew Court personally and spending an hour talking through the difficulties we have, dealing with developments, planning departments, and council. His input today was both valuable, and down to earth, we thank him for his time, standing on the rain, and afterwards. We discussed […]

Manningham Planning Dept recommend to approve Curlew 5-7, because it suits the neighborhood character.

The report from Maningham Planning Dept talks about how well it meets the planning rules, then explains how it doesn’t but that’s OK because it suits the neighborhood character.        NO it does Not ! EVEN AFTER  Ian Wood gave them lots of non-compliance issues ! Early in the piece they explain how they want the […]

Parking & Traffic reports IGNORE other new Developments.

Did you know, that when developers submit a building application to Council, they can IGNORE Traffic & Parking arising from other previously approved developments ! It is normal practice for the professional Traffic & Parking impact submissions, to exclude the following: Exclude – Existing Council Approved developments – “they might never get built.” Exclude Completed […]

Lane squeeze on Doncaster Rd

What is the Council doing by reducing the number of lanes on Doncaster Rd immediately after the freeway exit from 3 to 2? With these new high density developments, a hill that prohibits walking and bike riding for many, the only alternative form of transport for residents is to drive. The Council seems to be […]