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Prepare for the High Density C96 Community meeting Wed May 8th

Good evening all, For those of you who have followed this Saga, and strived to stand up for the residents view on these development regulations, next Wednesday is the next important step in the process, and close to our last opportunity to have our input considered.  This meeting will need to be mostly “Technical” in […]

High Density C96 IPP Feedback with Councilors Wed May 8th

Now that the independent Planning Panel has delivered their report on Amendment C96, (IPP Hearing Report,) we have our last opportunity to be consulted at this Community meeting, leading up to the submitters meeting This will be specifically about C96, the DD08 high density ammendment– no other topics, all three Koonung ward councilors will be […]

Sunken Apartments To Get Past Building Height Limits.

How many ways can heights be described? A clear example of  what happens when the rules have ambiguity – take note for the C96 amendment vote coming up May 28th. …To further example the uncertainty, the proposal (below) in sub-precinct A, at 185-187 Foote Street Templestowe, for a three/partial fourth storey, on a land area […]

High Density Planning Review Process C50 before DD08

    How were the Residents involved in the Previous Planning review ?   How will the Current DD08,  C96 review be handled ? Strategy Presented To The Panel: C50 The draft of provisions provided to the panel Nov 2005 document is at odds with Council’s undertaking to the community. Even the Manningham officers report, presented to […]