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Manningham Council Website (HOUSEHOLDS) and ABS

These percentages suggest that  the Doncaster Hill and DDO8 apartment strategies are simply not working… Population The 2011 Census Estimated Resident Population of Manningham was 116,958, an increase of 1.6% from 2006 Doncaster, which include  Doncaster Hill and much of  DDO8, was  only1.52% in the 5 year period compared to a national growth of 1.8% […]


Interesting take on Australia’s Growth Needs. This was sent in to us, with the following comment:  (The sender was keen to point out they are not an ALP voter, just that they appreciated the content…) It is worth reading through from Carbon tax to Education, Skilled Immegration to Boat people, Green Wedges to Traffic. See […]

Growth Lobby got it wrong. Report to MATTHEW GUY

This Brief report shows that even the seasoned experts on growth agree the high density growth plans are not working… More details on the links below. REPORT ON MARY DROST’S MEETING WITH BOB BIRRELL AND MATTHEW GUY WE MET YESTERDAY and  Bob presented to Matthew a section of his latest study.   The section dealt with […]

Growth, 2 homes become 3, NOT 30, to get the job done.

While reviewing the Draft Residential Strategy, I came across something I expect you found too…even though the target growth numbers have gone up, there is some good news.  The good news is that the targeted growth, in existing DD08 areas, can still be TOTALLY achieved by one in four sites developed into three residences.  Or […]

Planning for Growth – Achieved Without High Density Apartments ?

There is a big push in Manningham to be ready for the growth that the state Government has pushed upon us in the 2030 plan. But really, how much growth is needed ? Could it be achieved without High Density apartments ?    HELL YEAH ! Well Manningham Council has shown us what is needed, but […]