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COUNCIL APPROVING ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS AS SMALL AS 43 SQM.  The high cost of construction and the hefty sums paid for blocks of land on Doncaster Hill are among the factors being blamed for Council allowing developers to skimp on the size of apartments, not to mention the risk factors of falling prices during the long period […]

Planning for Growth – Achieved Without High Density Apartments ?

There is a big push in Manningham to be ready for the growth that the state Government has pushed upon us in the 2030 plan. But really, how much growth is needed ? Could it be achieved without High Density apartments ?    HELL YEAH ! Well Manningham Council has shown us what is needed, but […]

Tell it to the State Gov. Planners.

We were Happy to see this invite arrive in the email today.. “Have your say on improving Victoria’s planning system” Your submission must be in by August 31st ! – use our samples below. Why are we happy ? well as I have said previously The apartment development issue, (and the greater DD08 zone issue,) […]

Update from Shadow Minister for planning

I contacted the Shadow Minister for Planning, Mr. Brian Tees. He has his office in Doncaster so his staffers are well aware of the developments. His office was not aware of the issues in Curlew Crt and so I have sent a letter informing him of this development and the relevant supporting documents. According to […]