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Changing Water Consumer Behaviour versus Costs

The most effective way of changing consumer attitudes towards conserving water is to simply raise the cost. The forecast increase in water bills, due to the construction and running costs of the desalination plant is estimated at 22%, which is anticipated to correlate with further reductions in consumption. ABC PM: True cost of desalination plant […]

Water Need, Costs, Alternatives.

Just how important will the water contribution of the proposed Doncaster sewage treatment plant be?       Less than 0.1% of the Desal Plant… And at what cost? It has been superceded by the Desal, & you are already paying for that. Three details worthy of note below: EPA residential Buffer zones around this site are 200m […]

EPA guidelines say Don’t

Further confirmation that the Doncaster Sewer plant is proposed in the wrong place… this was sent in by Stephen. Reading Yarra Valleys Waters application to the EPA (dated May 2012) seeking approval for the Doncaster Hill Treatment Plant, raises more questions, than answers. Buffer zones are designed to protect inappropriate land uses from colliding. Nothing […]