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Response to c96 Denisty changes – history lesson

Why is it important to be very clear and avoid abiguity when defining planning rules? And why must we all make sure that we track and challenge the council? Well this history lesson from some-one who has been there before spells it out… Despite all council’s undertakings and assurances it is unlikely we will have […]

Donvale development plan bound for VCAT

This development site had previously been approved for ten townhouses, now they want to squeeze in 23. The narrow single access street will suffer congestion at the best of times with no room for passing. The exit on to Carbine street lands on top of a bus stop, and a roundabout that is usually backed […]

Efficient new council – Saves Residents Hours

Wow – You’d better not turn up to the Manningham council meetings late from now on… The new council had their first meeting tonight and were out of there in under an hour ! Much better than the drawn out meetings of old that wen’t to midnight. Keep it up guys 🙂 Buy the way […]

Eastern Golf Club Development Public Info Sessions

Mirvac are seeking community involvement around their plans to develop the Eastern Golf Course into 800 dwellings. Mirvac are holding “informal drop in style Community information sessions” in November. Location : Eastern Golf Course  535 Doncaster Rd, Vic  ( Melways 47 B1) Dates : Wednesday Nov 14th 2012 from 3pm to 5:30pm, & Sunday Nov […]

Manningham Council Illegal Candidate

As mentioned last week in our post election wrap up, there is a court challenge and review currently in progress due to David Muscat running for council while in-eligible. The Weekly & the Age has now run an article on the topic, and if you consider the preference allocation discussed in the age to our […]

Two Major Developments for Reynolds Road Doncaster East

Spreading the developments around to the Pines area… this info sent in for you all. It confirms that intensive property development is no longer isolated to the Koonung Ward with the Doncaster Hill issues, it’s rapidly spreading to Mullum Mullum Ward We’ve found out that there are 2x planned developments for Reynolds Road Doncaster East, […]

Manningham Election Preference Vote review

Here is some analysis of the Manningham elections, the voting outcomes, and how candidates preferences helped them. By the way there is a court challenge underway as one of the candidates ( Bob Beynon,) has stated another ( David Muscat,) had a criminal record and so was not eligible to be in the running, nor […]

Manningham’s New Councilors 2012

2012-10-28  Sun 9:30pm  Official Winners, your new councilors. Six new councilors, three returning. (Results below are only provisional results) The new councilors will choose a Mayor from amongst themselves November 8th. Koonung Ward: Jennifer Yang (Returning Deputy Mayor),  Steve O’Brien, Dot Hayes.   Mulum Mulum  Ward: Paul McLeish, Meg Downie (Returning Cr), Sophy Galbally.     […]

Look Out Melbourne Council, you now have Stephen Mayne.

This news from the Leader Live – Our ex Manningham Councilor Stephen Mayne has taken his style of  governance to the Melbourne Council. I’m sure he’ll be happy there, lot’s of super high rise buildings to approve… UPDATE 9.15pm: LORD Mayor Robert Doyle has been re-elected to Melbourne Council. The VLGA  said Team Doyle members […]

New development designed with traffic mayhem around shoppingtown

There is a new proposal for the Corner of Tram Rd and Doncaster Rd, opposite Shoppingtown where the current AutoBarn and Officeworks are. (602 Doncaster Road, Doncaster) And if you have ever shopped there, you will know how hard it is to get out of the site, as the only direction available is south down […]