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C96 High Density Decision – Rescinded by Cr Meg Downie

 Stop Press – Major update from Last Night, C96 Vote : Cr Meg Downie Stepped up today and Rescinded the Motion. Now the decision of when the C96 goes to the Planning Panel, will be reviewed at the next council meeting in November – by the new Councilors !  Well Done Meg. Last Nights article: […]

High density C96 passed to Planning Panel

Tonight the Manningham council voted on approving the council report, and passing it on to the Independent Planning Panel. See our article on it here We were hoping to let the incoming council complete the council review, before closing this stage. Very Disappointing vote; Only Cr Jennifer Yang and Cr Meg Downie Voted to let […]

Missed Annual Report at Special Council Meeting

Comment from the lady beside me at the close of the Special council meeting tonight 2012-10-16  ( and she was sincere.) “When are they going to do the Annual report?” she said while waving the article from the Leader stating that as the reason for the Special meeting being convened. ” I came here just […]

c96 High Density Recomendations Report on Council Special Meeting agenda Oct 16th

It seems that when we were all told not to delay the Draft Residential Strategy for any further refinement, and that it could all be considered later – some one was not telling the whole truth. After that we were told the c96 exhibition period should be kept short. Now a special meeting has been […]

Manningham’s Council just approved the first 4 storey apartment building in a Side Street – But Mayor Gough says he is against Inappropriate development.

…And Mayor Gough states in his re-election spiel: “I stand for preventing inappropriate development, by ensuring that higher density is limited to our designated zones.” …. “I listen, consult and act with integrity.” Don’t take everything candidates say for face value… Mayor Gough has been very vocal at council meetings in supporting, even promoting the […]

Manningham Council election candidates

Council elections are due this October 27th, 2012. It will be a postal Vote expect the papers in your mail box around Oct 9th. We are keen to help promote key focus areas, and broadcast community sentiment.   RAIDID will also try to provide information and background on prior councilors and candidates. Back to Main Election […]

Heburn Road Passes VCAT but won’t pass fire Regs

This is one of those red tape madness stories that is bound to have more to say before it is done… Well folks, the decision was handed down Sept 6th 2012 on 20-24 Hepburn Road and it’s not good I’m afraid. A permit has been granted and the full decision is attached.  P3568 2011 Khoo […]

Why The Doncaster Sewage Plant Was So Wrong

If you were unsure about the facts, or had only heard the Councils’ side of the story, read on, it paints a pretty damning storey on the validity of any justification in the present day or future.   This is another magnificent piece of well researched information from Ming. Keep up the good work.   It is […]

Sewage Plant Squashed.

At last nights council meeting there was a lot of debate about the Sewage treatment plant, the uprising of residents, and potential backlash from developers who have built around the third pipe rules. Well in the end – the plant was defeated, even though the Manningham Planning dept had recommended it go ahead. One for […]

Reject YVW Sewage Plant Proposed for Tram Road Reserve: Respond to Council Planning Offier’s Reply

Another well researched article from Ming, It’s amazing how many flaws there are in the justification of the Tram Road sewer plant… This email was addressed to the council officers;  Natasha Swan ( Manager Statutory Planning Dept, )  and Leigh Harrison ( Acting CEO.) They are the officers in control of the proposal review report,  […]