High Density Hell – Puttin the word on the Street !

Well we all realise that a couple of neighbors, even a couple of streets, upset with a single development, will struggle to get Goliath to move.
So this weekend we are putting the word on the street. Throughout Manningham, 6080 of our closest neighbors,  zoned just like us in the Developers Delight (DD08,) will find this community invite DD08_flyer2011-07-06_v5_Final in their Mailbox.

It will invite them to RSVP to a community event (7pm, Thu 21st July,) we are hosting to raise awareness of the impact of DD08 Zoning, and of course what can be done about it. Look out for them, give them a wave,  and a toot if you drive by the delivery team – Show Your Support any way you can.

As we have said before, first step is to raise awareness, then make sure we are heard, and soon every battle becomes a little easier. I am already seeing more alerts coming in, each unique, each with the same need – the need to be more than heard, the need to be LISTENED to, the need to be given balanced consideration. Curlew Court will have it’s day at the next council vote July 26th. By then, we will have a VERY LOUD VOICE !

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  1. Julie Nixon says:

    I am very concerned about how our roads will cope with the increased volume of traffic when the golf club site and properties zoned under DDo8 are developed and the thousands of new residents move in.
    The trees on the golf club site have been of great benefit to us by absorbing the carbon that humans produce. Imagine this municipality in ten years time. Fewer trees, thousands more residents and thousands more cars. How many of us live in Manningham because we like the trees, fresh air and open spaces? Will there be any open spaces left for current and new residents to enjoy?
    What provisions are being made to ensure a secure future for the animals and birds that call the golf club site their home?

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