Misleading consultants, put a spin on Bikes and Hills.

A Picture can tell a thousand words, it can also be very misleading.

Here is an interesting Perspective, one from the Leader news paper, and the one the councils’ consultant taken – while standing atop a ladder.

( The Leader article is one we covered last year  Bike path cost a bit steep, Bicycles & Expert Consultants !   )

Bike Path Cost a Bit Steep - Dual Paths

Bike Path Cost a Bit Steep – Dual Paths

I can confirm, from personal experience, that this is a very steep hill to climb ESPECIALLY ON A BIKE ! And guess what at the bottom T intersection, you have two choices to ride your bike, left up hill to a court bowl, then long steep downhill or right to a long steep downhill. It’s no place for a faint hearted bicyclist.

Back to the consultants picture, it even makes it look like a smooth uphill slope – when it is actually steep down hill…

They are planning to thin this road to fit a bike path, and build a fourteen storey tower (Doncaster, Hepburn Rd, 20-24 ) on the right of this picture, which is intended to house the residents and their 286 cars.

Perspectives can affect a lot of things -it pays to always delve a little deeper…


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