Queens Avenue – Councilors back residents – NOT Planning Dept.

In a show of the strength of community voices,  the Team behind Pep and Denise, rallied up enough objections (107) and councillor support, to defeat a planning department approval, and change it into a council refusal !

Magnificent !   the proposal for 23 apartments squeezed into a small 1400m2 site, had all the usual markings of over development, and all the rubber stamps of Manningham’s planning dept.  With the community voice and the help of another great report from Ian Wood, the councilors voted it down, and what was shocking was Cr Ellis,  previously unfailing in supporting high density developments, actually moved the motion to reject !

One great item brought to light was   how the 9 meter height limit had been achieved by digging into the ground 6 meters.

Cr Ellis was later challenged from the gallery as to how he could change his stance so drastically when compared to the Curlew court case.   He said it was the merit of each development tha guided him. It was strange though that the very issues he raised  for Queens Ave, were the same ones we had for Curlew Court.

As always Mayor Gough was for  the development, as was Cr Mayne, and Cr McMillan.

The value of public involvement was evident, as the debate took quite a while, where as the following development proposal at council for 17 apartments and 3 stories, was voted through iin no time unanimously – it only had four objections.


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