Refund my Excess Water service Fees !

Plenty of talk about this one, but here is the easy way to ask for your money back…. Click to make email below.

From the Age – the full article is below.

What David Galbally QC has recommended you do is send this letter below to YOUR water provider, with Your Account Number and name added, and yo should do it ASAP.  Some of the supplier websites are say they will give it back eventually – see below.  You could still play it safe and send your letter as drafted below.

Melbourne Water is the Wholesaler, and therefor all residential supply comes from one of the following companies.

Find which company supplies you,  and then send them the Letter – for example Yarra Valley Water supplies Doncaster.

You can use the links below to generate your email – you will just need your account and name.

Auto Create YarraValley Water email     Auto Create South East Water email     Auto Create City West Water email

Melbourne Area Suppliers : South East Water Ltd      Yarra Valley Water Ltd     City West Water Ltd

Supposedly this is a Melbourne Metro only issue : List of All of Victoria’s water suppliers with contacts

South East waters statement on refunds:  Returning the over collected desalination funds

City West Water : Following an announcement made by the Minister for Water, Peter Walsh, customers will have money collected for the Victorian Desalination Plant returned to them by the end 2013.

‘Dear Melbourne Water, give me back my money’

A leading Melbourne QC says Melbourne Water has acted unlawfully and outrageously by refusing to repay immediately millions of its customers who have been overcharged for their water in a billing blunder.

David Galbally, QC, has drafted a letter for customers to fill out and send to the state government-owned water agency demanding to know when they will be repaid their share of the $306 million mistakenly billed to customers for the Wonthaggi desalination plant before it was finished.

After acknowledging its error, Melbourne Water initially said consumers would be refunded over five years in the form of offsets to future water bills.

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However yesterday the authority raised the possibility of some alternative repayment methods.

Mr Galbally said Victorians should stand up for their rights and make statutory bodies and governments accountable.

‘‘I think the conduct of Melbourne Water is nothing short of outrageous, not to ignore the fact that they have taken this money unlawfully, they have no entitlement to it,’’ he told radio 3AW.

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