C96 DD08 Precinct A ,small sites High Density Restricted?

The current proposed C96 changes – as shown on the Council’s agenda for May 2013, does seem to keep large apartment blocks from appearing on small sites  – we are awaiting confirmation..

In the current amendment as posted on the Council website for May Agenda, the Precinct A, small site can ONLY be townhouses and two storeys at that. See below.

 This is a change from previous versions, it was not shown as such in the IPP report, and if applied to a development similar to the 5-7 Curlew Court, that development be rejected by these regulations.

 We have requested confirmation of the following:

  1. If discretion could allow a three storey building of any type? (Precinct A site under 1,800m2 ?) We are not clear which bits are mandatory.
  2. What constitutes a “Townhouse style” – i.e. is there flexibility, where is the definition?

 council Meeting Agenda 2013-05 upload amendment c96 to the manningham planning scheme ( 26 Meg)

Table 2 DDO8 – Sub-precinct A (Page 6, Proposed changes for adoption)

Sub-precinct A is an area where two storey units (9 metres) and three storey (11

metres) ‘apartment style’ developments are encouraged. Three storey contemporary

developments should only occur on land with a minimum area of 1,800m2. Where

the land comprises more than one lot, the lots must be consecutive lots which are

side by side and have a shared frontage.

The area of 1800m2 must all be in the same sub-precinct. In this sub-precinct, if a

lot has an area of less than 1800m2, a townhouse style development proposal

only will be considered, but development should be a maximum of two storeys. All

development in sub-precinct A should have a maximum site coverage of 60 per cent.

Higher developments on the perimeter of sub-precinct A should be designed so that

the height and form are sufficiently stepped down, so that the scale and form

complement the interface of sub-precinct B, or other adjoining zone.

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