Draft Tunstall Square Structure Plan DeJa Vu, Meet Nov27th

I am sure you are all mindful of this, but as a resident living near Westfield Doncaster that went to the first public meeting held by Manningham Council on its “vision” for the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre I would recommend that residents be vigilant on what the final outcome will become.

As soon as the word ‘Activity Centre’ is incorporated into any development plan residents should question if they will be living next door to a twin of the  Doncaster Hill Activity Centre and all that that entails for residents/ratepayers in surrounding local streets.     The restructuring of the area, as highlighted by Manningham Council, is proposed over the next 20 years.  So was Doncaster Hill.   Look at the outcome for residents within that vicinity…firstly, the appropriate infrastructure to support such major developments was never put in place and is still lacking.   Council was consistent in failing to address this issue.

Secondly, the impact on amenities for local ratepayers is severe.   This is a substantial development proposal.

My perspective on this is that it is a deja vu scenario and that if residents are worried as to the final outcome –  they need only look to our small side streets, our courts/cul de sacs and see that no protection was given to these areas – that the same will happen to them.  They need to be mindful of the “consultation” meetings which ultimately failed to address the lack of infrastructure and the impact on amenities.
I would be both alert and alarmed.  

From my perspective I would say that once the Council has determined its agenda they will work to ensure they accomplish it using the 20 year time-frame.  I think it was around 2002 that I went to one of the first meetings about Doncaster Hill –  so they achieved it – and pushing into additional local areas – in 12 years.

What residents have got on their side right now is the time to ensure that when candidates stand for the next Council election that residents are positive they have candidates with true intent to represent their community if they are concerned about the proposed activity centre.
I have not read the draft structure plan but this arrow that is being fired by Council sounds like a substantial development and we know how that diminishes the neighbourhood character of the surrounding local streets that we live in.


This item below was in the Manningham Council section of the Leader Newspaper: ( Have your Say while you can.)

Draft Tunstall Square Structure Plan
We have prepared a draft structure plan to guide the development of the Tunstall Square Activity Centre and nearby area over the next 20 years.
We will be holding the following information sessions to seek your feedback.
Commercial Property Owners and Traders
Thursday 20 November 6 –  8pm
Thursday 27 November 6 – 8pm
Doncaster East Baptist Church, 47-53 Tunstall Road, Doncaster East.
Please RSVP to 9840 9302 by Tuesday 18 November.  For more information, visit www.WhatMattersManningham.com.au

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  1. friend of mitchell says:

    We are not going to get any sympathy from our councillors after what they did to Jackson Court, especially if they continue to be influenced by the fat boy.

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