Lessons in climate change, the environment and how to protest was to be a compulsory subject at all schools world wide and part of the Paris Accord under plans that the UN developed for the climate summit in Glasgow. Teaching children about the environment, the green economy and how to take action against government to stop environmental harm was considered essential parts for preparing future workers for what campaigners said was the third industrial revolution. UN negotiators are hopeful details will be agreed upon in Italy later this year so they can be adopted by leaders at the UN summit. No wonder our reading literacy standard is continuing to fall behind other countries.

They started teaching climate dogma to primary school children back in the nineties and many of the young hysterical people of today, now gluing themselves to main roads and the young girl (below) who locked herself to the steering wheel of her car to block one end of a traffic tunnel, are the products of this so called “teaching”.

Views that don’t accord with the accepted climate dogma are being ignored in our schools. Teachers react angrily when colleagues try putting a reasonable case questioning global warming/climate change. This would be harmless enough if it did not put in doubt their ability to understand views opposed to their own.

The protester had pad locked herself to the steering wheel with a bracket around her neck and had held up traffic while a special cutting device was used to free her.


  1. Allison Twomey says:

    The warmists are now using climate change instead of global warming as their catch cry, especially given that current annual global temperatures are now somewhat cooler than what they were thirty years ago. Not that the archived temperature records are reliable, especially when they don’t match annual temperatures recorded after.

  2. No Name says:

    A fundamental premise of climate change alarmists seems to be that the Earth’s climate was stable until us stupid humans created things that increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

    I’m really confounded by that premise especially when I look at a map of Australia showing the vast areas where significant coal deposits exist, many of which have never been mined. Formation of those coal deposits would have required vast, dense forests to have existed beforehand. For those forests to exist, those regions of Australia must have had a much wetter climate than most of them have today.

    Wasn’t that climate change on a far grander scale than what the alarmists are warning us about now? If we were living then, what could we have blamed for that change? And where did the carbon come from to form those trees and subsequently become coal?

    Just wondering …..

  3. Ray Garby says:

    I am not so sure that co2 emissions have anything to do with climate change, in fact the reason for the stable temperatures between 1945 and 1979, when emissions had sky rocketed, have not been explained.

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