C96 Doesn’t provide enough distinction between precincts

The C96 amendment to planning regulations of DD08 still has some significant flaws. For instance if you compare the existing and proposed regulations the main rd precinct is no smaller than the lesser Precinct A & B !

Compare the three C96 DD08 proposed Precincts, in the context of sites under 1800m2 – one or two average home sites together – the following applies:

 C96 Maximum height for a sloping small site ( under 1800m2)

  • Main Rd Precinct : 10 meters maximum height. (discretionary limit.)
  • Precinct A : 10 meters maximum height. (mandatory limit)
  • Precinct B: 10m (mandatory limit)
  • ResCode : 10m ( this is the normal house sites outside of the DD08 high density zones.

Main road is supposed to be the focus for the tallest buildings, then getting smaller as you progress back to normal houses. Main road Precinct is proposed to go up to 11m for sites larger than 1800m2 – or roughly 3 homes developed into one apartment block.

It really is not clean, nor stepped down enough between Main, Precinct  A, B, and normal homes.

You can expect to see developers arguing that the regulations don’t actually say you can’t build three storey 10m height apartments on a single block in Precinct B…. so how is it different to Precinct A or Main road Precincts ?

Current Schedule 8 Manningham Planning Scheme 2013 pre C96     See table 1 – page 2

Proposed Manningham+C96+43_02s08_mann+Exhibition+Gazetted    See table 1 Page 2. ( now superceded by the one below)

council Meeting Agenda 2013-05 upload amendment c96 to the manningham planning scheme see page 5 onwards. ( 26 Meg)

Our next article on this topic will cover design aspect differences…


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