Manningham Needs to plan for Parking

This comparison to Glen Waverley Activity Centre shows Manningham’s Activity Center Doncaster Hill is not keeping up with Parking…

Glen Waverley, a very small activity centre when compared to Doncaster Hill, is planning its third multi-deck car park to cater for future parking demand. These parking stations will be in addition to standard parking requirements already being enforced in private developments.

Despite a railway station on its doorstep and an efficient bus service, Monash council studies have identified a need to provide more car parking for future visitors to the area.

Monash Councillor Geoff Lake explained;  “Glen Waverley would have been left with parking issues had the council not planned ahead and built the Bogong Avenue (four hour free parking) and Euneva car parking stations and all that’s being done is planning for a future demand that it’s reasonable to expect will be there in years to come”..he saidParking 4hr Free at Bogong Parking Station Glen Waverley

GlenWaverleyCarParking2010          THIRD multi Deck Car Park at Glen WaverleyGlenWaverley Parking complex

MANNINGHAM: After more than a decade of Manningham council bureaucrats using spin, and manipulating data to confuse and distract councillors, there is now an urgent need for public debate about the appalling lack of transparency in Manningham’s so-called parking surveys.

Apart from limited areas not allocated for council employees in the basement of the M2 building and in the areas surrounding the Municipal Offices, already ear marked for future apartment development, and car parking spaces not used by bowling club members, there is a small number of spaces available at the southern end of the sport ovals, other than that there is very little public off street parking on Doncaster Hill.

There has been no increase in available free public long-stay parking on car driven Doncaster Hill for an entire decade, despite increases in vehicle, resident and visitor populations, (expected to reach five million by the end of this current decade) The shortage of car parking was exemplified when Council consultants, began writing misleading reports that there was a parking surplus in the area, to justify a waiver of car parking requirements in developments, by identifying privately owned areas such as My Chemist, ANZ bank and Church of Christ car parks, as public unrestricted off street parking

In addition to baseline parking tallies, already required in all apartment buildings, a later report commissioned by council identified the need to build six  multi-deck parking stations on Doncaster Hill to accommodate 5,100 cars.

In rejecting the report council listed four disadvantages to this plan, of which three were minor; the fourth was the workload on council officers in developing parking stations that could be co-funded by an operator or one similar to the plan adopted at Glen Waverley..

Excerpt from a statement by senior officer Paul Molan, in defending the removal of Parking Stations from the parking plan 5/2/07, said;

There are large free car parks available adjacent to Precinct 2 at Westfield Doncaster Shoppingtown and the Municipal offices and there is a reasonable likelihood that a significant number of motorists would use these facilities in preference to a parking station that involves the payment of fees”.

 Jordan Gilbert

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  1. Ruben says:

    Apart from the limited number of areas identified in the above article, Westfield was regarded as the only source of free off-street parking on Doncaster Hill. It got out of hand when Manningham council were suggesting to motorists it had a surplus of parking while city bus commuters began using the centre as a “park and ride” facility for all day parking. Westfield has never had a oversupply of parking, in fact it has had to impose parking fees to limit long stay parking and is currently renting privately owned land for staff parking.
    The parking problem could have been reduced had Manningham Council not accepted parking consultant’s surveys carried out on a case by case basis, (recounting of nearby parking opportunities), designed to give a false impression that there was a parking surplus in the area used to justify a waiver of car parking for developments.
    The item below, published in the Manningham Newsletter, December 2013, is an example of bureaucratic condescending rubbish.
    “Council is developing a plan to encourage people to move away from using their cars to other forms of transport, ie. public transport, walking and cycling. This is a complex issue requiring a coordinated approach across State and Local Government, developers, and the community. Parking management, the attractiveness, accessibility, efficiency and integration of sustainable transport modes are all considered key factors if mode shift is to be achieved”

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