Rezone for My Profit Too

There is a rezoning application in for Mitchell St Doncaster. ( Jackson Court Supermarket etc.)

 As this letter points out why can’t we all rezone?

To: The Manager Economic and Environmental Planning Manningham City Council PO Box 1 Doncaster Vic 3108


 Re: Manningham Planning Scheme Amendment C95

       3-9 and 11 Mitchell Street, Doncaster East –  Proposed Zone Change

 I wish to lodge an addition to my objection to the proposed Zone Change of Mitchell Street Doncaster East.

 With respect to a Zone Change for a supermarket, currently I understand that it is a Residential Zone.

 A Planning Scheme is generally introduced to create certainty for all sectors of the local community. By altering the current Zone which, I repeat, is still Residential, a precedence will be set and this will open up the potential for massive alterations to the existing Planning Scheme, which is designed to create certainty, across all parts of Manningham.

 The applicant in this case has requested to have the Manningham Planning Scheme altered to maximise the potential of his assets in Mitchell Street, notwithstanding that there are height limits in place which were introduced to protect local amenity. The subject land /precinct is currently still under DDO8 guidelines and waiting for final approval by the Minister, for Amendment C96.

 May I present to you the following scenario:

 At present there is a restriction on my property in relation to any future subdivision.

There is sufficient land for another dwelling or even two at the rear of my home should I desire to maximize the potential of this land. No neighbour would be impacted if I was to be granted permission to build a second dwelling or two small units in the backyard.

 From the rear of my property I have uninterrupted fantastic views to the Kinglake National Park and the Great Dividing Range and so, alternatively, I could even consider and apply to build a boutique restaurant so I could maximize the potential of this land and its ambience.

 When I purchased this property I was aware that no subdivision was permissible.

 That was the reason I purchased here.

 Would Manningham Council approve or, initiate an Amendment to the Manningham Planning Scheme to allow a Zone change and thus facilitate a development on my property should I desire to apply for one?

 The Principle is the same.

 The residents of Elizabeth Street have had to face increased density within their precinct and, in general it is a residential area. A development of this magnitude would have a devastating impact on adjacent properties/households, not to mention a negative impact on the value of such properties.

 Thankyou for your consideration of this additional objection

 Yours sincerely

Name withheld for privacy

2 Responses to “Rezone for My Profit Too”

  1. David says:

    A well written objection.
    I would be surprised if Panels Victoria recommended the planning minister approve this amendment to rezone the land for the benefit of a single interest. With the state election scheduled for late November, the last thing the Liberal Government needs are more accusations of cronyism.


  2. Clifford says:

    Don’t expect Panels Victoria to support this amendment in its present form. The likely outcome, short of a total rejection, would be for the authority to follow the officers recommendation for a height reduction from 19m to 13.5m. However, they may refuse it on the basis there is sufficient scope for a supermarket in the immediate area already zoned for this purpose, including rear access lanes for loading and emergency evacuation etc., unavailable at this site, besides, being an ex myself I know that our bureaucrats will usually close ranks.

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