The plan for Doncaster Hill to become a self-sustaining village with wind turbines and solar panels on apartment buildings could have increased the purchase price of apartments by as much as ten per cent with a zero impact on global warming had Manningham Council not scrapped the plan.

Monckton Speedometer

Lord Monckton Speedometer         Click to enlarge

Lord Monckton speedometer shows a 15 years 4 months January 2001 to April 2016 at [1.1, 4.2] C°/century-equivalent interval of global warming rates (red/orange) that IPCC’s 1990, 1995 and 2001 reports predicted should be occurring by now, compared with real-world, observed warming (green) equivalent to less than 0.5 C°/century over the period.

RSS and UAH monthly near-global satellite lower-troposphere temperature anomaly values for each month from January 2001 to April 2016 were assumed to be broadly accurate and were averaged. The least-squares linear-regression trend on their mean was determined and found equivalent to 0.47 C°/century.

Ex-warmist Lance K writes, “The forecast by Al Gore, who shared a Nobel prize with the IPCC, that the Antarctic ice

would melt by 2014, has proven to be a farce and so too have the exaggerated predictions made by the IPCC as illustrated by the above warming speedometer and commentary by Lord Monckton of Brenchley”.

Venturi Wind Turbine Click to enlarge

Bus stop wind funnel to propeller & battery

“The long pause in global warming over the past twenty years has shown how exaggerated the predictions of IPCC and Nasa’s of human caused warming have been and how little correlation it has with concentrations of the atmospheric trace gas carbon dioxide”.

“In what was later called a “typographical error”  that very nearly scuttled the Paris climate “agreement”.  The French presidency had presented its final “take it or leave it” Paris agreement text, adoption of the text should have been a formality. However, it soon became clear that something had gone very wrong in the wording. The US lawyers had found that the wording in the agreement could make the difference between rich countries being legally obliged to cut emissions rather than just having to try to: “shall” rather than “should”.

“The Americans said that if the word ‘shall’ was introduced, the Congress would not pass it.  The delegates said that they have done so many things to get the US on board and they were diluting everything. In this case they were diluting something which was a super-red line”. So the US had its way with the wording later described as an unfortunate “typo”

Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax – YouTube


  1. Ashley says:

    Manningham could not mandate green energy on Doncaster Hill otherwise developers would have walked away. Instead we have the usual energy-gobbling lifts; car park, common area and fire stair lighting; extraction fans; swimming pool pumps and heaters all take a toll. And economies of scale simply don’t apply: the bigger the buildings, the less energy-efficient they tend to be. To make buildings even less greener, Council had approved a 15 storey apartment building with half its car parking tally requirement in energy guzzling car stackers. The purchaser of the permit rejected the plan and included proper parking much to the relief of residents.

  2. Mei says:

    I doubt that solar power and/or wind power could satisfy the needs of 100 plus apartment blocks without a “top up” from the existing power grid. I don’t think we will ever replace our existing power plants. Electricity could become very expensive if green power was made viable because there would still be a need to meet the costs of electricity generated from existing power sources not to mention the huge costs of maintaining their infrastructure

  3. Grafton says:

    If the warming “Speedometer” is correct why are employing all these green measures. If there is no warming to speak of, why are we still having these conferences and talking about how the developed nations “should try” to reduce their carbon emissions?

  4. Courvent says:

    I would not be surprised to see a dramatic increase in global temperatures over the coming years.
    The deniers are now saying that the current pause in global temperature rise is proof there is no warming. It will be 20 years without any increase by Feburary next year but our scientists tell us it is a period where the ocean temperature catches up with that of the land then when it equalizes a new warming period begins again and so on. I was disappointed with the Paris meeting where the US diluted the agreement and also they never addressed the two key issues of overpopulation and deforestation.

    1. Glen says:

      From what I have read there will be no funding of urgently needed power stations in the developing countries who might aspire to a quality of life on a par with China and America who have scores of them on the drawing board.

  5. less says:

    There’s never gonna be an absolute positive answer on Global warming, we must be making impacts, so must natures long term cycles, so lets get realistic while helpful on long term plans.

    I do like the wind bus shelter, but does it have to swivel to match wind direction? Or is it designed specifically for the inherent wind tunnels between high rise buildings?

  6. Anne and Eric says:

    The above is just an example only of how the Venuri Turbine effect works. The ones we saw in Europe have wind intakes that are parallel to the ground with inlets around the circumference that can capture wind from all directions. It then funnels it down through a series of nozzles and pipes to a turbine. The “Venturi Effect” section of the system concentrates and accelerates the wind speed 3 to 6 times. This wind is delivered to the turbine to produce electrical power. The diffuser end returns the wind at a reduced speed to back to the environment. The Conventional Wind Turbines kill more than 3,00,000 birds every year. Apart from being bird proof, the Venturi power turbines also removes a huge technical difficulty -transporting and hoisting the huge blades of the conventional wind turbines, thereby effectively lowering the investment required. They are more compact and you don’t get that swishing noise.

  7. Sceptic says:

    Marxism, Freudianism, global warming. These are proof–of which history offers so many examples–that people can be suckers on a grand scale. To their fanatical followers they are a substitute for religion. Global warming, in particular, is a creed, a faith, a dogma that has little to do with science. If people are in need of religion, why don’t they just turn to the genuine article?

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