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High Density developments

Demolition Kills Auction

What do you get when you try to sell opposite a large development? ZERO Bids! There is a lovely town house in Curlew court Doncaster Opposite the current demolition works for 30 appartments. Well the auctioneer tried hard, but only got two bids from the sixteen groups of onlookers – and both bids were the […]

Boundary Set Backs and Underpinning when too close

Following from the recent notice to a neighbor of works protruding into his property “Underpinning” Here are the ResCode guide, and the boundary in question, as well as the council’s response to our three questions – which itself will have to be clarified… 1. Does a developer have any right to insist access a neighbour’s […]

Building works dig into neighbors property

What would you do if the builder from next door,  gave you a bunch of technical drawings and asked you to sign approval for underpinning works to be done under YOUR driveway and well within in your property boundary? That’s what happened here in Curlew court last week. Neighbor to the development  said “I was […]

Knock down and excavations have begun in Thiele and Curlew

Both 5-7 Curlew Court, and 2-6 Thiele St Doncaster develpoments have begun! No5 Curlew’s old house is gone, 7 is still there with moving trucks there this weekend. 2-6 Thiele st were cleared of the old houses over the last few weeks, and now development ( excavation,)  for the 50 apartments cars is underway. The […]

MSS and DDO8 – Small sites, restricted developments.

Some large developments are getting knocked back by council lately, it seems due to the DD08 zone, C96 Tightening of requirements. Thankyou to Amelia for sharing this. 19 August 2013 3:29:22 PM Teresa, Joe and Councillors, Can it be assumed that the grounds for refusal in items 1 and 2 of the attached page, 2 […]

Could apartments be built on a Res3 zoned property?

In Manningham Council much of the residential areas ( away from activity centres,) is zoned “Residential 3” often referred to as Res3. There recently was a site up for sale and the locals were concerned that a developer might buy it for apartments, fortunately the answer from Manningham planning was that apartments would not be […]

Height, Storeys and setbacks across different Councils.

Manningham Council have repeatedly told the community during the DD08 high density zone review, that only height can be effectively used to define developments, and that “Storeys” was un-manageable as a definition. How ever when you compare how othe Melbourne Councils manage their developments, they do use both Height and Storeys in thier definitions.  attached […]

It’s not just suburbs with an Apartment Frenzy

This article in the Age shows how rapid development i any location can affect an area in many ways. City apartment ‘frenzy’ A ”FRENZY” of apartment towers granted planning permission in one corner of Melbourne’s CBD could squeeze thousands of new residents into four city blocks and change the character of the city. The proposed […]

How could the new C96 High density rules translate to real life ?

The Planning Panel said the council should test the new  rules to see what outcomes might be… There are already examples from recent times… Some possible outcomes of the C96 changes if they get passed : The 51-53 Talford St case is a good example of how the new DDO8 will be interpreted & used […]

Market Risk – Off The Plan

There are Significant Risk factors,  especially in a falling market or during a glut of unsold apartments in outer suburbia… Market Risk – Let’s assume you paid the right amount to begin with and, when the property is complete, the market has dropped 15 per cent. The bank will only lend on the property’s value […]