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High Density developments

Should the Doncaster Church become a Highrise developer, or provide community gardens ?

We would like to share this great letter from Anonymous in Doncaster, a mid 20’s resident with some great suggestions, and some concern for where the Church of Christ in Doncaster has it’s focus….  It’s worth reading both parts below. I particularly LOVE the suggestion that the church, or even the developers be encouraged to […]

3 Stories High in DD08 Precint B – 9mtr limit ! Holiday Notice Period.

DD08 has seen a lot of activity lately, what is scary is that the developers have worked out how to fit three storeys into the next zone – DD08 Precint B. DD08 Precint B has a 9 meter maximum height limit, asnd as you can see from below, they are planning to maximise it… Jane […]

Minister sued for planning backflip

For those of you who remember the Phillip Island story of last year saved by Starlet Miley Cyrus, and used as the basis by shadow planning minister Brian Tee for a Parliament step protest… This article courtesy of theage.com.au Deep pocket litigation …Minister sued for planning backflip January 20, 2012 – 3:00AM VICTORIAN Planning Minister […]

Two More 3 storey appartment blocks in Glendale Ave Templestowe, Talford St, East Doncaster

The trend is catching on with developers, you need to make your views clear to the council as well! More Details, and Contact on our battle card , or click the links below: 3 storey 14 apartment block & underground carpark basement at 47-49 Glendale Ave. Templestowe. Objections close: Jan 29th. An apartment block with […]

A Single Dwelling Restrictive Covenant – could save your neighbourhood.

When land is first subdivided for residential purposes, the owner can put an ongoing condition on the sale of the land that each site can only have one dwelling. this is known as a ” single dwelling restrictive covenant.” This condition applies to every subsequent owner of the land, and I am told can only […]

Open Slather

Manningham residents should be highly sceptical of the proposed 15 storey residential development in Hepburn Rd now subject to a resident appeal. It wasn’t long ago that the Council were claiming to be isolating higher density living to Doncaster Hill, but then came DD08 and residents, such as those in Curlew Ct, found themselves contending […]

Curlew 5-7 Development finished VCAT today – well almost….

Sorry this site has been quiet lately, we have been focusing on the VCAT case for Curlew Court. hard to do all things when you have family and other work… Yes we have survived: –          all of the preparation –          and the Presentations, –          mountains of documents, –          and cross examination. –          Regulation references 21-05.4 […]

How do 250 residents share 21 street parking spots on Hepburn Rd ? Easy, charge them $52pa

How do you solve the sharing of a total of 21 street parking spots between 200+ residents and their visitors ? Have a look at the councils plan below… Manningham visitor permit parking is valid only in the street of the recipient. Council have now determined that apartment occupants will have to pay $52-00 per […]

RAIDID Petition Closed 1400 Strong

The RAIDID Over-development Petition is now CLOSED – 1400 signatures handed to Local MP Mary Wooldridge Nov 24th,  2011 for submission to state Government at the last sitting before end of year. A copy was also tabled at Manningham Council meeting 28/11/2011 by Cr Jennifer Yang. Thank you to Jennifer and Mary. Note: Council wouldn’t […]

Gag Cr Stephen Mayne & he votes to allow high-density development in street where he’ll inherit property

This first story was sent in about one of our vocal councillors. Feel free to comment and link in other stories you find about our council, at the bottom of this page. It is time to start thinking about what you would like to see in our next councilors, and who they should be… Mayne […]