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Japanese Ingenuity – Save your plastic – Run your Car, Heat your House.

Man Invents machine to turn household WASTE plastic into oil, IN YOUR HOME ! And save 80% of CO2 Emissions compared to burning the rubbish. When an invention like this is already up and working why don’t our governments have them installed everywhere….instead of taxing  us  on emissions? Japanese Ingenuity — Save your plastic, bags, foam, bottles, wrappers […]

SOS Poll Victorian Planning in ‘crisis’ – election candidates and community agree

Our RAIDID group are one of many,  many,  around the country, monitoring and challenging local governments on Planning and Amenity issues. Save Our Suburbs (S.O.S,) is doing the Same, but at a State level – challenging the machine that is State Politics, VCAT, and other bodies that impact Amenity. SOS have just released their initial findings […]

Bike Paths in Manningham

If you look at the VicRoads Bicycle path map below you will see that there are a lot of proposed paths in Manningham, but mostly there is no path from A to B. There are a dozen “Green’ exclusive bike lanes – but most last under 2 km long – then become shared again.  Our […]